Snagit 2019 -- little progress has been made on old bugs reported years ago

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Now that I'm trying Snagit 2019, I thought I'd test some of the issues I reported with version 13 (and earlier), to see how much progress has been made by TechSmith in the last 2-3 years in terms of fixing bugs.

For reference, here are some of my previous threads:

I haven't gone through all of the issues I've reported in the past, but just in my first few minutes of testing version 2019, it's already disheartening to see that many of the bugs I discussed with support at the time, and here on the forum, are still present several years later, in the latest version of the product. I really thought that many or most of these things would have been addressed a long time ago. With them still being unresolved after several years, it doesn't look promising that they'll ever be fixed.

Here are some examples I've noticed so far, of bugs that are still present in Snagit 2019:

The expansion state of the 'Advanced' dropdown within each tool (e.g. within the Text Tool and the Callout Tool) is not saved between sessions. After quitting and relaunching Snagit, those 'Advanced' dropdowns are back to being collapsed again.

When capturing a region starting from the very bottom of the screen, by dragging upwards to mark a capture area, the bottom row of pixels is missed (this bug goes back many years).

Between sessions (i.e. after quitting Snagit completely and then relaunching it) the Editor window doesn't remember its maximized state, if it was last left in a maximized state. Instead, it takes up the whole screen, but the actual window state is not maximized.

When the Editor window is maximized, the tooltip on the 'Restore Down' control/button says 'Maximize' instead of 'Restore Down'.

When the Editor window is maximized, the Close control/button is not right up against the infinite edge (in other words, if you move your mouse cursor up and to the right as far as it will go, so it's not even in view anymore, clicking will not activate the close button like it does in all other applications that are maximized).

The installer creates and leaves behind two identical copies of itself. For example, after installing version 2019.0.1, I was left with these 2 identical files, each taking up over 300MB:
C:\ProgramData\Package Cache\{835C3A23-F536-4725-A274-7FD339F5F20F}v19.0.1\Setup_Snagit_x64_Release_ENU.msi
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Thanks for your feedback. It is very disheartening that the issue I had as well as so many others are not being looked at and fixed. Software development seems to be moving so fast in the wrong direction. "Coming up with new processes and/or options" with little or no regard for issues that are being used and not working are not getting fixed.
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I am sorry to hear that users are still having problems with v2019 and that is why I still use v11.4.2 which was the best version so far, after that the versions were all crap software. The post installation size also bloated. The users that sing praise about SnagIt 2019 are the ones that have no idea how good the old versions were and how the useful features were eliminated from the future versions because of erratic programming decisions.

Last year some of the users participated in a feature request round up, WERE THOSE ISSUES FIXED, OR TECHSMITH DECIDED THAT THEY DID NOT HAVE TO? Surprisingly a lot of users did not participate.

Hopefully Techsmith will wake up and help their faithful users who helped them become successful instead of some 9 year old deciding that we do not need a feature and take it out of the new version.

I am happy with v11.4.2 and I will still keep using it unless Techsmith decides that my version has reached it's end of life.

Happy Veteran's day to my fellow US users.
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Neville, There may be some issues inherent with your workstation and not SnagIt. 

Item 1 regarding "Advanced" dropdown.  I'm not having that issue.  It remembers the setting when I close and reopen Snagit for both Text Tool and Callout.

Item 2 - Capturing a region and missing pixels. I don't have that issue either.  I usually capture from top left to bottom right, but tried it your way and no issue.

Item 3 - Maximized state. Mine remembers the maximized state or any other any other dialog window size I make it.

Item 4 - Control button say's "Maximize" - Yes, mine does to.  Is cosmetic for me.  Not a big deal or show stopper for me.

Item 5 - Close control/button and mouse cursor - Yes, mine does to.  Not a big deal or show stopper for me.

Item 6 - I don't have a C:\Windows\Installer directory, but I do have the Package Cache folder which is expected.

These would be my recommendations:

1. Close and uninstall SnagIt. Reboot.
2. Check your %Appdata%\Local\TechSmith\ folder and delete (or rename) the Snagit folder.
3. Reinstall SnagIt 2019
4. Reboot and see if those issues (Items 1,2,3) still exists.

This is exactly what support would have you do.

I happen to be running Windows 10 Pro build 1803.  I would say at this point there may be some issues with your OS over time which is really not Techsmith's issue.    Item 4 and 5 I would say yes, but to me, those are minor annoyances and I've handled large development teams over 45 years in IT.  Those would be pushed to the bottom of the urgency list.  

I would be curious if anyone else is experiencing what Neville is, because I'm not (other than 4 and 5) and I use SnagIt and Camtasia all the time to do our IT instructional videos.

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Giovanni, I suspect it may be that you're not quite as technical a user. For example, it seems you're unaware that C:\Windows\Installer definitely does exist on Windows 10, it's just that it's a hidden, system folder (i.e. both the 'hidden' and 'system' attributes are set, at the filesystem level). So of course you won't see it if you're just looking for it in File Explorer. If you click into your address bar in File Explorer while inside your Windows directory, then manually add '\Installer' onto what's already there so that you've got 'C:\Windows\Installer' in the address bar, then hit Enter, I'm sure you'll find yourself in the folder I'm referring to. In any case, you'll need some more technical knowledge to find the identical set of files I'm referring to. The files on your system will have different names. In my case, I'm not relying on finding the files manually. I use a tool call WizTree to query my entire filesystem and then list all files in order of size. That's how I can easily spot that there are two identical leftover versions of the installer, with different names, in different locations.

Regarding the expanded/collapsed state of the 'Advanced' dropdown inside the Tool properties, I think you're confusing closing the window with shutting down the application completely (by either right-clicking on the tray icon and choosing to 'Exit Snagit' or by rebooting your PC. I thought I'd made it clear by saying 'between sessions'.

Regarding the maximized window state, I think you're confusing seeing a window that is sized in such a way that it takes up the entire screen, versus a window that is maximized. If you open the Editor and the 'Maximize' button (i.e. one square, not 2 squares one behind the other) can be seen/clicked, then it means the window wasn't already in a maximized state. With a dual monitor setup this is even more obvious because of the shadow effect cast onto the second monitor from a non-maximized window that is sitting right up against the edge of the first monitor's border. Again, I'm taking about between sessions here, i.e. when you completely quit and restart the application, or reboot.

I wonder how you tested whether you really did capture the very bottom row of pixels (to be clear, that is row, i.e. one pixel in height) when you started your capture right from the very bottom of the screen, before confidently telling me that you don't have that issue. In my case, I can tell you that I've got a very simple way to check this. Notice how the applications on your taskbar that are already running have a line underneath them? That line is 2 pixels in height if you're just using the normal 100% display scaling in Windows. Try starting a capture right from the very bottom of your taskbar, underneath one of those running application, and drag upwards to complete capturing a region. Now open the capture in the Snagit Editor and zoom in really closely, then turn on the Pixel Grid. How tall is the line in your capture. I bet it is 1 pixel high. In other words, this demonstrates that the very bottom row is not captured by Snagit when dragging upwards. This bug has been present for years.

It can be very frustrating hearing people suggest that the issue is with my workstation, or that I must reinstall the application. I'm as technical as they get, and I know what I'm talking about.
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Nevelle, I've been doing IT for a long time.  I know all about hidden and system folders and it doesn't exist on my system and I use something call "TreeSize".  I'm not going to sit here and battle you over knowledge but I started in the industry before Microsoft and Apple existed.  Call support.  I won't be responding to this thread anymore.  One last thing, I do stand corrected, yes there is a Windows\Installer directory, but your picking "Fly's out of S**t".  Who cares.  Find another program that's better than SnagIt if you don't like it.
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I cannot get the grid snap turned off in 2019. I turn it off, but SnagIt doesn't care. This means the lines won't meet-up. The auto-size canvas is a catastrophe! To be honest, I had a lot less issues with v. 9 and v. 11. I agree with Brainerdsoftware: development is going in the wrong direction, but fast! There isn't enough bug testing being done, and when you report a bug, they automatically want a video. I want to get paid for testing their program, because my boss doesn't want me spending my worktime on charity projects, and I'm not going to donate my private time.

Adobe, TechSmith, and more want you to buy the newest version, promising that bugs have been fixed in it. THIS IS THE NEWEST VERSION. I dislike v. 2019 to extreme extents. I cannot stand being forced to work with it. I used v. 9 for 7 1/2 years at my last job. It was fantastic.

These two people bickering about who's most tech savvy - who cares? I agree with Neville. I'm not sure how our "workstation" has anything to do with the bugs that people are experiencing. I started repairing computers in 1986. Either SnagIt hasn't been properly tested with various Windows builds, or it's corrupting itself by the installation - still their problem, not mine! When I turn-off the snap-to-grid function, I expect it to be OFF. If the lines aren't snapping to grid, it should be possible to make them properyl overlap. It's not. Such a simple issue! At least they finally fixed the random choice of text styles, shape styles, etc.,.

They need to stop developing new features and fix the old ones.