Snagit 2019 Turn off default shadows for all shapes, text, in fact everything

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Snagit 2019, has shadows on shapes, text, etc, that cannot be removed permanently.  I do not use these, ever.  So if use one have to manually turn off/remove the shadow, or forget to, swear and redo.  A setting to remove default shadow for all, or at least to remove from each shape by doing so once and snagit remembers this setting
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AFAIK you can remove the shadow for each item that annoys you when editing and it will stay that way permanently.

That annoyed me when it first happened but hasn’t since.

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Not in mine, I can remove the shadow, but in the next image edited it is back in place
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First off, I agree with you 100 percent. Being able to shut off shadows by default should be a setting that's available.

I've been irritated by this as well. I must confess I do most of my work in Photoshop. So this hasn't stood in my way much. I don't like the shadows either. I use the favorites menu to save a few quick styles. And that's all I really need to get by.

However, that menu is far too small to contain all the annotations SnagIt offers. For a power user, Unless you're a fan of scrolling through huge menus.

For someone like yourself I have this suggestion. At the risk of you beating me up for even suggesting it.

I'm actually going to do this myself. When I'm done, the favorites menu will become less important to me. I'll still use it, because a grab bag of your favorite annotations in one location is easier than clicking between menu items.

I've started by deleting all the default text quick styles. You have to right-click and delete them one by one.

Then, I created my first text style. And saved it to quick styles. I didn't use 90 percent of the available default styles in the first place.

I'll be doing the same thing to my arrows callouts and everything else. It doesn't matter what order I save and create them because I can rearrange them to taste. In the image below I've scrambled the steps menu out of shape. Just to show how easily you can rearrange things. You just grab and drag.

Anyway, that's how I'm going to resolve this. You can move on to another program if you wish or wait for things to change. I'm voting yes to the idea.

TechSmith may add this as a feature one day?

Regards, Joe
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Thanks Joe, had also figured that out, it is a work around but it's not a solution to the problem.  Other programs already have this common sense option.  I believe it was possible in early version s of SnagIt.  Yet another "backwards upgrade" perhaps Techsmith should change their name to Microsoft?  Thanks for the vote
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Add an No  shadows  option and let the user decide.

A somewhat complex workaround to get rid of them maybe the following (ONLY applicable in case of using Quick Styles - Theme: Urban, because that one can be exported)

Export theme 
Exit SnagIt

File Urban.snagtheme
Start a text editor and import the Urban.snagtheme  file
Then do a find and replace 
find: "DropShadowEnabled": true,
repl: "DropShadowEnabled": false,

save and import
(to be on the safe side, make sure you make a copy of the original)

Below the result, you can toggle between with and without shadow

You may wish to change the name in the header of the file, for instance 

fm:  "Name": "Urban",
to:   "Name": "UrbanNoShadows",

just an idea.

no, don't change the name...
when it is changed, you will have 1 theme only, i.e. there is no way to toggle between with or without shadows.
if you leave the name untouched, SnagIT will warn you, then click on [Save Copy]
then you will get the above scenario.

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Thanks Mike, for the hard work/research, and the workaround.