Snagit and Problems Capturing High DPI Displays / Monitors / Screens

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There are several topics surrounding Snagit and the ability to correctly capture high resolution screens. This post will serve as the official topic and will be periodically updated with information from TechSmith. (All other related posts will be merged with this official post.)

We want to make it clear we DO have plans to improve the high resolution experience in general, including many of the more popular, high resolution laptops being sold today.

We also are aware of these high dpi problems:

1. Snagit text tool editing issue. This bug is currently being worked on.

2. Many elements of the UI in Snagit/Camtasia, though still functional, are tiny or not scaled/positioned correctly on higher DPI screens. We are currently working on substantially improving this. If there is a specific screen that is NOT functional with a high DPI screen, let us know via the survey link below.

3. Some people have mentioned having a Snagit issue with capturing with an external monitor. This was fixed in the 12.3.3 version of Snagit:

If you're still experiencing #3 or another issue NOT listed here, please fill out this survey on the issues you are having so we can get more feedback. Our goal is to gather as much data as possible on the types of high DPI screens being used and the issues you are seeing when using Snagit.

Addressing outright bugs is our first priority.  But we also want to solicit your feedback on any other limitations you may experience that may impact your work. Again, please use the survey to get us this information.

 As one example, due to a technical limitation, right now Snagit only supports recording 1920x1080 videos:

Thank you.

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Official Response
I’m happy to let you all know that we’ve addressed the monitor scaling and DPI issues in the latest version of Snagit. We released Snagit 13 today. Text, icons, and layout should be all fixed. As well as capturing on monitors that have high DPI. We do have a couple minor remaining issues for which we’re working on fixes. Specifically, if your setup has multiple monitors with different DPIs, we don't scale appropriately when moving between the monitors. But we're working on that very soon.

That’s only one of the improved features in the new release, so be sure to check out the Snagit for Windows Version History page (see: or the Snagit for Mac Version History page (see: for a more complete list of updates to Snagit.

One of these features not working right for you? Reach out to our Technical Support team at and our dedicated Support Team will work to resolve your issue.
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Official Response
Hello all,

Tuesday we released version 2019.1.2 of Snagit Windows with much better support for multiple monitors using different DPIs. We know this has taken some time; it has required some fundamental changes to Snagit’s UI. We now have Snagit in a place where it can seamlessly move between monitors without getting ridiculously big or small. This would have impacted you in previous versions if you have a very pixel dense laptop and an external monitor (or more). I want to thank you all for your patience and those that tried it out before we updated to make sure this was working as expected. It's all very much appreciated. If you are seeing additional problems related to this, please don't hesitate to let us know here.

You can download the latest version here: or check for updates if you are running a previous Snagit 2019 version.

Thank you!