Snagit BUild 1590 UX terrible

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I've been a long term user of SNAGIt, and if you are reading this DON'T BUY THE LATEST version... THE UX is Brutally confusing. WHat used to be in a simple ribbon in prior version now is this mess of confusing interface efforts. Overall don't upgrade.

If I could get my money back I would... OVerall really guys... what happened to the simple to use SNAGIT, good to add new feature, but why do I need to relearn how to use your tool.
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Posted 2 years ago

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Agreed! Other new stupidities: no incremental controls, can only use hard-to-fine-adjust sliders; Print dialogue does not include Print Quantity selection: inscrutable default color value between sessions; toolbar too limited/small.

On the plus side, the auto canvas adjustment on Paste and the Split function are both brilliant.
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I agree. I've been using Snagit for decades and, although I have purchased versions 11 and 2018, I do not use them. I still use version 10 and do not plan to upgrade ever again. If version 10 doesn't work on whatever version of Windows launches next, I'll have to change tools. I'm willing to do that rather than continue with Snagit. I wish it were not so. I used to recommend it to everyone. I no longer do that.
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Hi folks

Just a ramble from a crazy old man here.

For me, life is mostly about how we adapt to changes. Does SnagIt look like it did five years ago? NO! Then again, did I expect it to? Well, to be honest, I didn't really think about it. But like anything else, it changes.

I really Really REALLY had a strong initial dislike for the Microsoft Office suite when they introduced the ribbon. But I got used to it. And admittedly, today, it seems second nature. Same goes for when SnagIt introduced the ribbon UI. I think that may have been version 10? But I got used to it.

I'm trying to convey that I'm like anyone else in this regard. I dislike UI changes. But I love what SnagIt does. And I also have to say that SnagIt and its changes have actually made me much more efficient. JUST within the last year!

See, it used be that perhaps I would be replying to a forum post. Not just here, but in other forums. I'd need a screen capture to show what I was talking about. I'd capture with SnagIt, THEN save the capture to a file. Now these were all "throwaway" or one time use images, so I'd save using the same file names over and over. Then I'd have to use the forum software and click the upload button or link. THEN find and upload the image.

In today's world, I capture the image and the SnagIt editor window opens. Then I visit the web page and just drag the captured image from the SnagIt recents bar at the bottom to the web page and boom! Done! I LOVE that.

Now this isn't to say things are perfect. I think there is always room for improvement. But if I just stopped using SnagIt today, it would be like abandoning the table saw because I disliked where they put the power switch. Nope! By golly I'll just use this hand saw over here and it may take me ten times as long, but the darned power switch doesn't bug me any more! ;)

Happy Friday all... Rick :)
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I'd like to know what company they used for their Usability Testing or if they did it in-house?  To me it seems like some product manager outsourced some or all of this new Version 18.  If there was proof TechSmith did some legitimate UI/UX testing on this version, I'd read it.  Maybe I'm in the minority.