SnagIt - Create two different captures within 1 profile

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I think it is not available yet: creating two captures within 1 profile.

Scenario: I have a scanned magazine on screen
I want to capture left page and right page - as separate pages - to a .png file.

right now I proceed as follows - using following profile
1. fixed region
2. no preview
3. save to file

I take captures of all the pages on the left

once done I then set the new fixed region for pages on the right
and take captures of the right pages

now I have all the pages as separate png files and can proceed with what I intended to do.

It would be nice to set combine these two profiles, i.e.
executing the profile would then take a screenshot of the left page and then of the right page
in the background (no preview)

so, execute profile_left_page and then profile_right_page using 1 button.

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Posted 4 years ago

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Joe Morgan

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I understand where you are coming from. It's an interesting idea and I can see where multiple capture profiles could come in handy.

I don't see why you couldn't create two custom profiles. One for the Left Page and one for the Right. Have them save the captures to the same folder.

Assign hot keys to both profiles and capture both images before you turn the page.

Regards, Joe
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I guess what you are suggesting is close to what I am doing right now.

I am still using 'good-old' v11.3 so PrtScrn is my hotkey.

As said, I set the fixed region, then go thru the magazine on screen, page by page.
The fixed region save all the left pages first, so I've got e.g. 20-30 left pages
Then I do the same for the right pages (set region and start from page 1)
Then I renumber them 1-60, sort them from 1-60 and
as a last step let acrobat create a pdf file (combine) and do a OCR.

Now, my idea is to have 1x hit on the hotkey that does first left
save , then right, save.
have <AutoNum> in the profile, well, I guess that will do the task.

I'll be ending up with

Maybe something for v13... :-)
Some kind of 'double action' profile or so, or introduce a simple macro feature for that.

Most important thing is that the action should take place entirely in the background
(like the one I am using now) as some online magazines may else change the interface,
like bringing up toolbars and so the size of the magazine changes and the profile would
therefore be useless.

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IMHO, Joe Morgan's suggestion would be simpler and faster. It's so easy to changeĀ  fixed regions for both "left page" and "right page" profiles in case page layout has changed for an online magazine. Renumbering and sorting sets of left and right pages sounds more painful and tedious to me. And an opportunity for human mistakes in handing numerous files ;-)
I have been assigning hotkeys to customized profiles since so long that I am quiet sure this feature is available in version 11.3 of Snagit.
Cheers from France