SnagIT datastore sync service?

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A lot of work goes into Snags and editing of those Snags.  Now that the hard work is in the editor library from your main desktop where you do all the work, you need to go mobile so you take your laptop (separate system) with you and need to send out an email that someone requested how to do something and you remember you snagged that and edited with the needed description, so you go open your snagit editor on your laptop and none of your snags are there!  Simple explanation but this happens I think much more than some at TechSmith may realize.

Digging into this deep I find the Snagit900.sdf file in the root of the DataStore folder is a SQL based file and the entire library contents are all written to this database file - all good until you want to sync the Datastore via cloud services as all cloudsyncing sees the file as open and you can't sync it or your cloud sync client is in a continual state of waiting for the file to be 'closed' so it can complete the sync.  You can close down your SnagIT editor, sometimes you need to close down SnagIT itself etc.. and the file will sync.  That is great but I like having snagit available for a quick snag instead of having to launch it every time > then remember to close it out completely so the DataStore can sync. 

I believe the core of this issue is in the fact the .sdf SQL based database file format is used to keep track of everything in the library.  I have a couple suggested paths that may make this work great for the users of SnagIT.

1) change from an SDF database format to an on demand XML file format so that any actions taken in the library are writen and then the file is closed.  This would leverage whatever cloud storage sync service the user wanted to use (Onedrive personal, onedrive for business, dropbox, google drive etc..) as it is just another file in the datastore and not tied to a database operation that keeps the file open as long as the app is running and talking to it.  This approach may also help with cross platform usage (windows PC to a mac and back).

2) another option is to create a service inside of the SnagIT editor that provides either a local DataStore location or a remote one, and if a user chooses a remote location the way the library function chanes so as to accept cloud based storage / UNC drive share without a mapped drive etc..

I hope this provides some context around both the need and potential approaches to help with this challenge.

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Posted 11 months ago

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That is an interesting approach to several ongoing issues and wishes
Not being a wet blanket but I think the datastore is intended to reflect local files (for the most part) and might be  a mess if it was synced. Datastore is primarily a place to store unsaved documents  We may be trying to use the datastore for something other than it's intended use. Even putting your datastore folder in  your local dropbox folder would only allow one to work on  internal SNAG files as once you save as a PNG for instance, it is now somewhere else. I have my entire \documents\snagit folder synced to dropbox so I can go in and work with about anything that I saved there including datastore items. However those have program generated names  which is not useful in this scenario
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Hey Rick - thanks for the response.  I see where you are coming from.  Perhaps the needs of SnagIt are changing some.  I find myself less and less needing to actually save out a capture that I have edited - and find myself opening my editor as the library function is a great function to see everything I have snagged / edited etc.. then I just copy what I want and put it into whatever format I need (email / inside a word document / on a visio diagram etc..)

The process of taking a snag / editing it / then share / then pick file / then choose a location and format then save it out / then navigate into explorer to then get the file and then attach to an email - in comparison to open editor / find the same snag with edits / copy all / paste into email and I am done, is a much more cumbersome process to make a file as the king of content that is needed most (in my case and I can see in several as I see people work) is they want to put the picture in the email not the file.

So perhaps this is a new direction SnagIt needs to go to differentiate from other capture products - that being the library is a very fast accessible library of captures and edits that can be quickly copied and put into whatever you need, while still having the ability to save out a capture with edits into a file as needed, embracing more of a cloud design of your captures available anywhere / anytime / from any device with valid licensing.  

I know it is completely different but makes a product called Remote Desktop manager and they have a sync engine they built into the app that is tied to your login. This tool is for systems administration and all the server and network connections to do a system administrators job is saved in the program however they have a sync engine built that syncs all the configuration and settings so you can install on multiple systems and get all the same information no matter what computer you are on (same consistent look and feel with redundancy).

Again thanks for the reply!
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A lot of the time listed to put an item into email (or many other programs) can be easily done with copy and paste. I have a profile set up to go to the clipboard and reduce the height to 500 px
The Library used to be ... useful We even had a panel to view the hard drive folders to find something. That is gone and the library has become less and less useful (Tagging is so cumbersome as to be almost not worth the effort
What it DOES do is keep track of where you move moved files and that is an awesome feature
I hear you about syncing across devices but that can already be done with cloud services and will work for everything that can read a particular file format but probably not via a synced library file , again as that is showing local files
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All my working directories are on DropBox, so my files are available from anywhere I can login, from any machine, including my phone. I use this ability daily, and BTW also enables me to work safely without a continuous connection to my local backup disks. DropBox works well for regular files, although occasionally hiccups for container files (like .cmproj...). Would this solve your problem? 
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Why not let SnagIt have the ability to open another library?
That way I do not really have to sync the library itself, but only the library folders. 
So at the end I would have DataStore folders from different PC's I'd sync with any tool and Snagit only needs the ability to open this folder or that. Or perhaps all folders at once and merging the contents into one view?
Any way is thinkable...