SnagIt Editor Feature Request. A New Kind of Cut Out: Pull Up

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Most of my captures are browser content, and browser content is mostly vertical columns. I'd like a new feature similar to "Cut Out", let's call it "Pull Up", that allows you to drag out a rectangle. On mouse release, the content within the rectangle is deleted and everything under the rectangle, to the bottom of the capture and constrained by the width of the rectangle, is pulled up to replace it. The newly created space at the bottom is filled by a selected background color.

It's conceptually easy to understand, and this is a feature I'd use constantly to exclude unwanted spam ads, scrolling capture artifacts, and other garbage from my captures.

Corresponding functions would be "Pull Down", "Pull Left", and "Pull Right". Magnifier helpers, like the ones we have on capture, while dragging the box would be a plus.
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Allan Sampson

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Posted 2 years ago

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Rick Stone

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I'm curious how this would be different than the new ability to click and drag a rectangle to select an area, then move it elsewhere and have SnagIt automagickally fill the space left behind?
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I think the difference is that Allan wants the sampling that is used to fill the area to be focused on just the area below the removed area, or to the left, top or right, as specified when taking the capture. 

If that's the case, I can see where he's coming from, because the inability to exclude campling from one or more sides is what puts me off using autofill.  Too often I get smears from nearby text / objects..

I can't find the thread where I raised this issue.  What I suggested was that we need a control like the one in Edge Effects, where you could click the sides you want to include / exclude, and where the size slider was a used to control theaggressiveness of the sampling (how far out do you want SnagIt to reach when sampling.)

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Rick Stone

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I too dislike the smearing I get in some of those moves. Makes me long for another option to just perhaps click an eyedropper and sample the fill color and allow that for the fill.

Like this:

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Interesting concept,

 You may be waiting a long time for this feature. I voted for it.

 If I understand correctly. This is how I might handle it.

The fill in color for the Deleted Ad needs to match the Page color does it not? A Solid Color?

For multiple ads, changing the canvas color to match the page color would probably be the fastest technique overall.
Once changed, you zoom into the ad and if necessary.
Use the rectangular selection tool to select the area around the ad roughly. You can use the resizing handles for a precise selection if necessary. Then hit delete. It should yield a seamless fill as long as gradients are not involved.

If your dealing with more then one color.
Or just 1 ad.
You may want to go with a paint bucket fill. Make your selection First. Switch to the Paint bucket and fill the selection area.
You'll need to turn the tolerance slider up to fill the entire area. Just set it to 100.


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Don't know if it would achieve what you want but I simply put the item into Reader View then capture.