Snagit Editor preferences - how to make Snag It Editor look the same between different Windows Profiles

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I have two Windows 10 logons, called "MeStudent" and "MeGamer".

Snagit Editor is configured PERFECTLY under the "MeStudent" profile, with the custom toolbar across the top.

However, when I open Snagit Editor under "MeGamer", everything is defaulted, and ugly.  How can I get my Snagit Editor settings exported so I can make my "MeGamer" profile look/function as my "MeStudent" profile?

Thank you in advance for your time.
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Posted 9 months ago

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There's no way to export user profile setting at this time.

If you were to first delete,then copy and paste the Editor file from "MeStudent" in the registry. Into "MeGamer's" Log In.
That might be do it? But I'm guessing here, I've never had to do it.

At worst, you may have to delete that pasted folder if the program doesn't like what you've done and acts up.
If you delete the folder altogether, SnagIt  regenerates the default folder upon a re-start.
You can always re-install SnagIt from scratch.
This is a use at your own risk suggestion.

Better yet, just go to the trouble of editing the other profile.

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Scott - How comfortable are you with the registry? Because if you rtclick on the specific folders, like:
(User is"MeSudent")

You could Export to external drive using meaning filenames:
       MeStudEDF.reg,  MeStudSFO.reg,  MeStudProF.reg and MeStudSnagEd.reg

Sign in as MeGamer and do as above, but use different file names:
       MeGamEDF.reg,  MeGamSFO.reg,  MeGamProF.reg and MeGamSnagEd.reg

If you're not nervous yet, while still in the MeGamer acct, double-click on each of the "MeStud..." files will import them them to the MeGamer registry.

If your nervous, its always good idea to first back up your entire MeGamer registry.

It's always a good idea to create a 3rd user account, say joe, launch snagit it in the joe account.
Then update the joe registry with the MeStudent reg files.

Good luck!

Note to Tech Smith: If this works for Scott:  For 10 years of free Camtasia and Snagit updates, I prepare an automated UserX to UserY Snagit configurations transfer.  Or if you prefer an Amazon $ 500 gift card would also work.

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An alternate is create another profile logout then in on the new profile then out.
This creates the new profile.
In admin mode copy the profile mestudent using the system tools which will copy over the snagit setup to the new user. (It copies the entire mestudent profile.

While this should give you your snagit config it will also copy the other settings of that profile.

With a little fine tuning I'm sure you can reproduce the gamer settings.

Just suggesting another way.

When you build the first user on a new computer you will find a user called default has all your first user settings.
Just FYI. Being win10 that could all charge by the time you read this. Most likely won't.