Snagit Feedback Feature Request Round-Up

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Snagit Feedback Feature Voting Results
Thank you for all the responses to Snagit’s special Feedback Feature Request Round-Up! 

We went over the results and want to update you on some of the decisions we've made. We've also updated and clarified what the Statuses mean for Ideas. A very important thing to note: marking an Idea as “Under Consideration” is the first step in moving forward with a submitted Idea. The total number of threads marked with “Under Consideration” will be limited, so as not to overpromise and underdeliver.

Here are the Ideas and Statuses for this round (further explanation and details will be added to each Idea below over the next two days):


Under Consideration

Needs More Information

Not Planned


Hello TechSmith Community;

In recognition of the significant feedback that the community has provided in regard to Snagit, we are putting together a special round-up.

Please visit the below posts and vote on the topics as soon as possible as we will be tallying votes on June 9th, 2017. We need to ensure we have a full understanding of the requests, the reason for the request, and the priority of the request before we take any action. So, we ask you to review these ideas, add anything missing, and vote on your top priorities in the next week (by June 9th). We will first focus on what is most important to our customer base as a whole as judged by the votes, or if there are no standouts we will focus on what is easiest for us to do first.  After a week of clarification and voting, we need another two weeks to evaluate the requests, and respond back with our intentions. If we decide we won’t implement a request, we will explain why.

Voting is easy! Just click the Vote button in the upper right corner of any post in the list below.
(Just make sure you're logged in to an account)

Note that this is not a comprehensive list; if there is a feature not listed here please submit a new feature request. Please be sure to be as clear as possible and include only a single new feature per idea posted; if you have multiple ideas post multiple times.

If you are running into a technical issue or would like to report a potential bug, please open a technical support ticket.

-Team Techsmith

*June 22, 2017 Update - Added Vote Counts and Decisions to corresponding features*
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Official Response
Hello all!
I wanted to thank each and every one of you for your feedback in this special Snagit Feature Request Round-Up. As the 9th has come and gone I will now be working to tally up the votes and will meet with the team to determine what the next steps are. We will be looking into each feature and will respond within a few weeks with our intentions per Wendy's thread. Look for more updates to come.

Thank you again!