SnagIt on laptop and PC - how did you set this up?

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My SnagIt license allows me to install SnagIt twice, e.g. on my PC and on my laptop.
I don't own a laptop yet.. but am planning on buying one.

Right now I am checking out how to set up regularly used software in a way that data is synchronized.

Currently my screencaptures are stored within a password protected container, i.e. I need to open the container, before running SnagIt.

All.. captures are first stored in 1 folder, D:\JPG\SnatItCatalog.

From time to time I am cleaning up that folder, renaming captures and subsequently moving them to specific folders stored elsewhere.
(e.g. if I have a series of captures of Excel settings, I batch rename them using Explorer and move them to a folder like \Office\Excel elsewhere)
I  -think-  datastore keeps track of where such files went?
(within SnagItEditor-library, select an screenshot, right-click 'Details' and it shows the full path of where the file has eventually been stored)

Given that scenario and also considering the SnagIt900.sdf (Datastore), what would be the best way to set things up so both SnagIt on PC and laptop are in sync.
Guess I should then use OneDrive as shared drive and also move over the sdf file to that drive?
For renaming and subsequent storing, I suppose I should first copy the files to PC HDD, then do those actions there.
How will that reflect in the .sdf file?

Off-topic: I just noticed that I have two .sdf files (within different folders).
An older and larger one  and  one that is currently in use.
Q: Is there a way to migrate them and does it make sense?



Ah... I just noticed (should have known) that OneDrive is not supported... :-((
I have an Microsoft Outlook account and use OneDrive...
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Posted 2 years ago

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I agree this would be a great improvement.  I have the same requirement.

I have tried to setup SnagIt to use a shared library, located on my Synology NAS drive using their "Drive" capability (which is essentially the same as Google Drive or Microsoft One Drive, except that the cloud location is the NAS drive instead of the public cloud).

And although the setup procedure appears to work, synchronisation doesn't and captures on computer A are not visible on B.

This is a great shame because this would be a perfect solution for shared libraries

Absent this you could set up a shared folder and save each item to it as a .snag file, bit that's a very pale shadow of the library functionality.

A proper shared library is the number one improvement I would like to see in SnagIt