Snagit screen recording vs Camtasia screen recording

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Snagit is a screen recorder.
Camtasia includes screen recording.

What benefit is there to having both products?

I am asking, because TechSmith offers the two products at a bundled price.
But if Camtasia does what Snagit does, then why pay extra, even at a discounted price, to include Snagit in the purchase?

What is it that Snagit offers that is not part of Camtasia?

Thank you.
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Posted 3 years ago

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Robert R., Online Community Admin

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Hi Craig and thanks for stopping by!

Snagit is a screen capturing and annotation suite, focusing primarily on screenshots (still images) and the ability to annotate them for professional (or personal) use. It has some limited recording capabilities and only the ability to trim video content whereas Camtasia is a screen recording and video editing suite.

I will see if we have some documents floating around that I can share that can compare the two, but in the meantime you might want to, on an extremely basic level, consider Snagit for still images and Camtasia for video.

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Roger N. Shane

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Echoing Robert's post, this is exactly how I have used both suites for years! :-)
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Look at this way.  If you want to do an occasional screenshot and your needs are basic use Windows Snip Tool.  If you want to do lots of screen shots and your needs are sophisticated use SnagIt.

If you want to do a few video recordings and your needs are basic use SnagIt. If you want to do lots of videos and your needs are sophisticated use Camtasia..
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Rick Stone

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While I would echo the other comments here, I would also have to say that the initial post has it backward. The initial post said:

Snagit is a screen recorder.
Camtasia includes screen recording.

While in reality:

Camtasia is a screen recorder.
 Snagit includes screen recording.

And to be perfectly honest, I've always been amazed that given the fact TechSmith has Camtasia, they even choose to offer recording capability in SnagIt.

Cheers... Rick :)
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Joe Morgan

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I'm pretty sure SnagIt has recorded video pretty much since it's inception.Why would they drop it's core functionality?

This is the oldest UI I have an image of.

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Video and Text capture happened in Snagit 4 for 32 bit only.
Video has been in Snagit for awhile for sure.

Here's a partial clip of the Snagit 4 landing page from Oct 1997

Click Image to enlarge

How designs have changed. Snagit 13 page today

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Joe Morgan

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Love the SnagIt 4 landing page.

 So for 20 years running, people have come to expect SnagIt to record video.

 Perhaps it's the competition chasing SnagIt. That's why screen recording capability's are built into other image capturing software?LOL

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Rick Stone

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I don't believe anyone has suggested TechSmith drop or abandon video recording in SnagIt. I know I certainly haven't. 

I believe all I personally have ever said is that since that's Camtasia's specialty, I've always been surprised that TechSmith even offers it in SnagIt. Especially given the fact that they could quite easily have forced users to opt for Camtasia if that's what they want.  If TechSmith wanted to be hard core about things, they could force the issue with users.

When it comes to users asking for more "Camtasia like" features in SnagIt, I'm often amazed that TechSmith remotely considers them, let alone adds them.

Cheers all... Rick  :)
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Joe Morgan

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 Now I'm surprised,

I suppose if Camtasia and SnagIt were the only software available that captures screen recordings.
Then, what SnagIt could or couldn't do might make users feel "Forced" to opt for Camtasia.
"Especially given the fact that they could quite easily have forced users to opt for Camtasia if that's what they want."
To suggest that if TechSmith wanted to they can get "Hard Core About Things". That they could force the issue with users.
 Is not an option that would be welcomed with warmth and gratitude from it's customers.

 Considering the wide range of software available that can accomplish pretty much the same thing. "For less money in many cases". Those strong arm tactics won't work.
Not only that,it sounds more like a play directly out of Apples big book of Monopoly rip offs.

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Joe Morgan

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Why shouldn't SnagIt offer screen recording?

SnagIt's video recorder has no real editing capability's. Other than cutting out what you don't want. You can share these videos in a hurry,especially if you don't edit them because they are rendered in real time.
So if you don't edit them, there is no re-rendering involved.Just name it and save it.That happens in the blink of an eye and your ready to go.

You can't do that with Camtasia.Unless you want to share a huge avi file.

SnagIt also allows for creating short GIF's and that's all some people need.

There are a lot of Still Image with Annotations + Screen Recorder programs out there that do the same thing.

 Some you Purchase, Some are even Free.

I believe it's TechSmith keeping up with the competition.  And Succeeding


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if Camtasia's Recorder is configured to "produce" after a capture, and, you select "" in the wizard screen that will open, then the CS behavior is a lot like Snagit's video capture

perhaps worth a try?
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Joe Morgan

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That's an option,
Camtasia would still need to produce the mp4 first. That takes time. SnagIt renders while recording to mp4. "No Render Time" Plus your forced into using Screencast in that setup.

SnagIt can be configured to upload to Screencast as well.But mp4's can be shared in countless ways.
 SnagIt's videos are  intended for viewing and nothing else really,if you loaded them into Camtasia and applied a high level of zoom, the results would be less than ideal.Plus, SnagIt's audio is nothing to get excited about.
A seasoned video editor would never consider using SnagIt recordings for editing and producing videos.

Rick has mentioned his surprise that TechSmith offers screen recording on many occasions.Reasoning that Camtasia records the screen as well.
Paul said they should just drop the recorder all together.I don't believe the recorder takes away from SnagIt's core functionality.

I'll repeat my previous conclusion,TechSmith has to compete with all the other Image capture programs out there and most of them record the screen as well.

According to this review, TechSmith got it right. If TechSmith dropped screen recording, do you think they would retain the top spot? 

Ask yourself this, why wouldn't SnagIt offer Screen Recording?

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should anyone be interested in using Camtasia's Recorder to accomplish a quick video capture and immediately share it, perhaps this tutorial might be helpful ...

How To Use Camtasia Recorder To Make A Quick Video Capture And Immediately Share It
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Jayne Davids

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Hi Craig,

Whilst your question has received some great answers from the community, I thought I would share why I use both Snagit and Camtasia.

For Snagit: image capture of screen including scrolling pages and panoramic / annotate image / image effects / quick simple video capture  / GIFs / video capture of PowerPoint presentation interchanged with Presenter. NB: Video editing is limited

Camtasia - Video capture of the screen including PowerPoint - I make full use of all the video editing tools Camtasia offers, including: Interactivity e.g. Hotspots, quiz, Table of Contents / Library which is full of great assets for intros, images, music / Import other media e.g. images, photos, video and many more!

So in summary, when I want to record a quick, unedited video without any other media, perhaps make a GIF, I use Snagit. When I want to create a more polished video with an intro, music, other media, captions, Table of Contents etc. I use Camtasia.

I hope this helps,

Jayne @Raiveon
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Ade Wale

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In 2017, I have tested the quality of Snagit version Camtasia quality. I found out that Snagit  has better quality compare to Camtasia.

Therefore use Snagit for screen recording and use Camtasia to edit the video.

Just my oppions.
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Joe Morgan

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Hey Ade Wale,

I think your testing methodology was flawed. Mp4 is a highly compressed form of video. Using a mp4 for the purpose of “Re-editing” and Producing a video in any program should be avoided whenever possible.

SnagIt only creates mp4 video’s.

Here’s a screen shot showing  that the recorder, has been set to the Highest Quality setting.

I recorded 2 identical, 35 second duration clips of the same thing. I used SnagIt 13.1.4   And Camtasia 9.1.0

SnagIt captured the screen at these data rates.

The audio is Mono at a bit rate of 94kbps. The Video is 25fps at 601 kbps.

Now Camtasia.......

The audio is Stereo at a bit rate of 1411kbps.  Video is 30 fps at 1739kbps.

Editing and producing SnagIt mp4’s in Camtasia, subjects them to further compression. This deteriorates the overall quality of the video.  

That’s why Camtasia records utilizing  high quality Audio and Video with high bit rates.

If recording videos with SnagIt, then editing them in Camtasia works for you, then it works for you.

However, it’s not ideal under any circumstances.

 You may be experiencing better playback performance in the editor. Due to the small file sizes associated with SnagIt mp’4s. Especially if you are running a low powered computer.

But that doesn’t mean you can compress another quality video out of it during production.

It’s a bit like trying to get a glass of fresh squeezed orange juice out of an orange that’s just been squeezed.

There just isn’t enough data left in the file, to produce another pristine mp4. Camtasia is going to have to discard another 30% or 40% of what’s there, in order to create a video small enough to upload,store or share . That’s how it works, so the color quality must go down, clarity goes down, audio quality goes down, etc.

When you have an unaltered .trec recording. You have data to spare with plenty to discard. You can produce a first class video, that’s why you should use the Camtasia recorder whenever possible.   

Regards, Joe