Snagit: setting size of a line's end marker independent of line width

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I'm a new SnagIt user. On the rather complex GUI screens I'm trying to document, it's often impossible to place a numbered step marker right on or beside a GUI control I want to label. I'm using lines with a circle end marker as a way to link the GUI feature with the step marker. I'm finding that if I make the lines thin, the end circle becomes too small to see clearly in the final printed document. If I make the line wider the end circle grows with it, but to get the end circles the size I want I have to make the lines so thick they look odd.

Is there a way to set the size of a line's end marker independently of the line width?

I can get round the problem by creating a circle as a separate shape then placing it over the end of the line, but that makes moving the lines about much more time consuming as there are now two objects to move.


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Posted 4 years ago

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Unfortunately, there is not a way to set the size of a line's end marker independently of line width.

You should  probably post this as a feature request in an independent thread. I like the idea myself.

Regards, Joe
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Hi - I sometimes have a need for this and it would be useful to have extended pointers .. as you describe and better still number pointers 

However, I get around this through creating the numbered stamp - then the line - 

Move them so that the line is overlapping the number - then select both items - using Shift-Left Click - with all objects selected - use Right Click and Group 

You can now move the items around as a group

Another tip is that I create the line adjust its attributes - colour, width etc. - then each tim I need a new line I copy the original (Ctrl Click) and start the process again .. 

If you substitute the circle for the number stamp - you can set the two components to be whatever size you like and then move them as a group

Hope this is of use.