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Full disclosure - I hate Snagit. It's the worst screenshot tool I've ever used, except for all of the other ones on Mac, so I'm stuck with it.

I've sort of made peace with it over the last year. The design is insane - why does your crop tool work unlike every other tool out there? - and the whole .snagproj idiocy makes me want to set my computer on fire (just use PNG - is that so hard?), but lately it has become utterly unusable. It's comically slow. Combine the moronic tagging system (GUYS - JUST CREATE PNGS AND LET US SORT THEM IN FOLDERS ALREADY) with the 8-15 second pause literally EVERY SINGLE TIME I TAG AN IMAGE (on a 2017 Macbook Pro with nothing else using CPU) and it's unbearable. Spinny wheels of death for almost anything I do (although image export works without crashing now - that's something).

So, I just spent 7 minutes trying to add some text to a screenshot. Literally 7 minutes - I got a message right before I started. 7 minutes of futilely trying to simply add 2 words to a screenshot. Click the text tool, drag to create a little box where I want the text and - as it always does - Snagit creates a box that goes way outside the bounds of the image and grows the image because... ??? So I grab the corner of the text box to resize it, drag it... nothing. Try it again, this time it resizes but, idiotically, the image border remains expanded. So I grab the border to return the image border to where it was and... the text box disappears. Throw in a few spinny wheels of death, lather, rinse, repeat.

If I need to annotate or add text to an image, it is literally faster for me to walk upstairs, turn on my Windows PC, log in, copy the file over the network and edit it FastStone Capture ($19.95 with lifetime updates) or Photoshop (overkill but it works) than it is to edit it on this Macbook Pro with Snagit. And my PC is almost 5 years old. Unfortunately, I'm in a hotel right now so that option is out. Also, there is still no text on that image.

I'm beginning to suspect that Snagit coders are not incompetent, but rather extremely competent sadists who take pleasure in the pain and frustration they cause others. I'm only partly kidding here. You couldn't make something this bad by accident. I sense a darkness here.

Incidentally - I made a video of this but I don't see how to attach it to the post.
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Robert R., Online Community Admin

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Hi Barry;

What version of Snagit are you currently running? What operating system are you on? Have you opened a Support Ticket regarding this particular issue?

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Saw something like this a couple years ago. Various pref and helper files from a different version were still present. The circumstance of two sets of like files was playing havoc. There were about 5 or 6 old files to be manually removed. Unfortunately, I don’t have the list of files any longer but one of the Snagit people should be able to supply that.
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I used to use Snagit 8 on a Windows PC years ago, and I was a wiz on it. I could create my own icons without any trouble, knew where all the tools are and never had a my canvas auto enlarged because I added text. It was such a pleasure to work with.. Now, I'm using version Snagit 2019, its slow in loading, canvas gets larger when I add text box and I have to resize it back again. Tools location are now a learning curve as they have been the last 3 versions. Similar to the complaint above, I don't do all my edits in Snagit, I move them to Photoshop. I purchased the 2019 version in hopes that this version would be an improved version, it's not! Now when I click on stamps, it works for the first one, but when I click on a second or third or fourth choice of stamps, it always starts with the first one. Very disappointed also with Snagit!

When Tech Smith makes a Snagit that doesn't do all these things, makes it easier to find tools, and makes it unnecessary to finish an edit in Photoshop, that's when it will be really a user friendly and better product. Until then, it is a waste of money!  Unlike the previous post, the best screenshot I ever used was Snagit 8 for windows, and not any of the Mac based versions. Would I reccomend Snagit to anyone? Hell no!
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Tony Coty

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The 2019 version of the marquee tool doesn't seem to work on my Mac. Instead of a square that can be sized vertically or horizontally, it is very odd shaped and not controllable. 

Tech Smith, PLEASE. fix these bugs!!! I didn't spend my money to have to constantly bring to your attention all the bugs I find in my new program. That job is your development department's quality control area. Check your final product on Mac and Windows before you rush to sell it and worry more about profit than customer convenience! 

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Hi Barry,

We want everyone who uses Snagit to have a great experience and it definitely sounds like that’s not the case for you. I’ll do my best to address each of your concerns:

Crop tool - what about it is different from other crop tools? Ours works similar to the one inside iOS photos.

Snagproj - If we use PNGs, then the files wouldn’t be editable later on, this format allows you to go back and re-edit something. Once it’s converted to a PNG, all the annotations become burned in.

Folders in the Library - This has been requested a few times, so it’s on our radar

Tagging being slow - Yes, we’re seeing this too as of macOS Mojave. We’re working on a fix

Text boxes resizing - The text boxes auto-expand when text is added, but sometimes it overdoes it. We’ll look into improving that. As for the canvas expanding, in Snagit 2018 and 2019 you can turn off “Automatically expand canvas...” in Snagit’s advanced prefs

I hope this was helpful, and I’ll make sure to let you know when some of these issues have been addressed.
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Hey Luke

WRT to the auto expand of the canvas, I'm wondering if it might be a good idea to build in some sort of notification that pops up the first time this happens to alert the SnagIt user as to what is going on. I don't believe this is the first time I've seen folks confused by the behavior. My thought is that there could be one of those "intro" sort of tips that pops up the first time it happens along with the option to turn the setting off right there in the tip.
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Great Idea Rick!!   Especially with new versions!