SnagIt v11 Editor - text - How to insert hearts, diamonds, spades, clubs

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Within v11.3 Editor - I am trying to create a so-called "Bridge Convention Card".
Need to know what code I need to use for hearts, spades, diamonds and clubs.
I tried using Alt-3 as text (see:
but then the entire image was copied.

Any suggestions?

p.s.: I am not sure whether these symbols are available within a 'stamp'-set.
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Posted 3 years ago

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One thing you may find helpful is built right into Windows itself. It's called "Character Map".

Click your Windows start button, then type "Char" into the field and you should see "Character Map" listed.

Cheers... Rick :)
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Beat me to it Rick. 

Mike I think you will find what you need in the Wingdings font family

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First of all - thanks for the quick feedback.
I could use Wingdings, though I wouldn't know how/which character.
Same goes for System. Within Word I could 'insert' character, select symbol and select the character.

However, I haven't the faintest idea as to how this works within SnagItEditor.

Maybe, what I want, isn't possible?

I tried:
1. select symbol
2. keep alt-key pressed and then 167 with numlock on/numlock off
3. same with right alt (left alt brings up with menu above toolbar)

are either on of you able to do this? Getting heart or spade?
if so, how?


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Open the char map as Rick described.  Then drag and drop the suit images into the
'characters to copy' box.  Press copy button, then paste into SnagIt Text Box.

Here's another idea.  You could copy each one onto a blank canvas with no canvas colour, get it the size and colour you want then save it as a png file and add it to your custom stamps for easy access later.


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Ah, right!

Many thanks to you and.. of course Rick!

Am sorry for the confusion, I confess - my fault: I was on the wrong track.
Was trying to get the symbol character map from within SnagItEditor.


Thanks again.
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Hi Mike

There's no need to apologise for doing the intuitive thing and expecting SnagIt to display the character map for symbolic fonts, just like Word does.  I did exactly the same thing.  May I suggest you convert your post into an Idea so that it gets on to TechSmith's radar?

It seems to me there are two ways TechSmith could solve this.

1. The Quick Fix
When symbolic fonts such as Symbol, Webdings and the three variants of Wingdings are selected, provide direct access to the character map and allow the user to select a symbol.

2. The Right Fix
The symbolic fonts are a means to an end, to allow apps like Word that are text manipulators to represent some simple shapes easily by 'converting' them to a font  But in SnagIt's case the reverse is true.  It is an image manipulator that has some capability to represent text easily and where representing shapes as fonts is counteruntuitive.

So I would suggest that the character maps for the five fonts should be converted to stamps and made available like all the other drawing objects are.


Paul Barrett
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 If you use symbols much there is a easier way to use them in Snagit than going the character map route.

Install the ... webdings fonts, wingdings fonts, wingdings 2 fonts and wingdings 3 fonts on your system.
They will be available in Snagit then.

In Snagit select which set of fonts you want to use  ie; webdings
You can then type the appropriate key for the symbol you want.

But what are the keyboard keys? Here you can a pdf with all the key inputs

Sadly in I don't think there  is inputs for the card symbols like Mike62 is looking for.

So how about getting card fonts? Yep you can

The zip file contains a PDF with the key inputs

Select the "Cards" font in Snagit and type the key for your desired symbol.
You can change the color, border, ect also.

Since I can never post a gif here anymore for some reason (Bad Gateway error)
Here's an example of the cards font

Hope it helps :)
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Thanks for the above. Well, what I did: I downloaded them, high quality, from some site - I think wikipedia, then resized them and saved as .png in 'MyStamps' folder, where I have some other stamps as well.