SnagIt V12.2.0 - Do you pay any attention to User Experience ????

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I thought V11, while bloated was acceptably usable but V12.2.0 is not an improvement from a UX standpoint.  I feel I just stepped into my local supermarket after being gone for 2 weeks.
All the products have been moved around to confuse the consumer.
In the case of my supermarket - there is a well known reason why they do that.
In the case of SnagIt, I think you are missing the operating word of "Desktop Utility" - to be utilitarian; Usually small, fast, efficient and with a reasonable set of peripheral features used
once in a while.  This version is even more bloated than the previous one.
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Posted 5 years ago

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I had to spend $bucks on competing video solution to offset not working video on new Snag it I was huge Snagit fan... I m so bummed!
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I know. So am I.  I always trusted SnagIt as the best app ever for PCs.  Reasonably priced, fast and does just what you want it to do.  Now my version 12.2.2 is COMPLETELY UNUSABLE.  I used SnagIt every day.  Now I feel as if I'm working with one hand tied behind my back.
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Amen to both Dave and lynnannehuber!  Version 12.2 is a nightmare.  I've been a very satisfied customer and user for many, many years.  I've recommended SnagIt to anyone that would listen, and bought a copy for each of my four children.  In addition to the above comments with which I agree completely: (1) Text capture is gone.  I guess I can live with that as it never worked very well anyway, but I certainly thought you folks could get it fixed.  I assumed that among the items you moved to any grocery store aisle, you had also moved the magnifying glass under what used to be called the "Draw" tab.  After diligently searching for it, I finally called your tech support folks who advised that it had been removed as you apparently believed it was redundant.  It certainly is not.  To magnify an area of interest now requires a series of movements on the zoom slider bar and then repositioning with the window slider bars along the bottom and left side -- a huge step backwards!  I am not considering going back to Version 10 as I did when Version 11.4 turned out to work so poorly.  PLEASE get your act together and make yourselves the company and SnagIt product what they once were -- fantastic.  Both are now just a dim shadow of your former self.
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Totally right. Welcome to the 'oldtime-disappointed-users'-club. Maybe TechSmith is more focussing on new users.
Being for instance their explanation for removing folders view as from 11.4
" Folders view is gone in Library V11.4"

There have been a -lot- of complaints, since they 'upgraded' to v12 and although they say they are listening to the users, I think, generally, there is hardly any feedback. The way I see it, we have to stick to the old version (not supported anymore) or live with the shortcomings. Their solution: refunds.


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I have to agree with all of the above comments and observations.  There is not one obvious improvement in the UX.  Obscure icons, with no flyover text to explain, familiar tools moved for no recognizable improvement.  This looks like a hack job from the UX team to "modernize" the user interface, but overlooking the primary reason to make changes - improvement in the experience and use of the product.  I now feel hampered in doing work with this tool, even after a few days of trying to adjust.  I use to fly through tasks (I also told everyone to buy the old product), that I now dread to open up snagit to accomplish.  If you try to fix this - don't try to start from this release - through it out and try all over again!!!

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