Snagit 11.2. How do I get rid of your screen goober you put on the top of my screen?

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how do i get rid of your stupid little camera you now put on my screen with updating to 11.2 snagit? Some may like this but I find it very annoying. You do this on your Mac version and I hate it there but there is no print screen button on a mac keyboard so I'm stuck. There is a print screen button on my PC and I don't want your little screen goober on my screen.
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Posted 7 years ago

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Hi Phil,

You can definitely hide the OneClick interface. Here's a quick demo -

Hope this helps.

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How do I do it with version 12 to go back to classic.
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Hello, Bob;

Snagit 12 no longer contains the "classic" view of previous versions; instead there is the capture window (which is the widget along the screen) and the profile manager. You can access the Profile Manager by mousing over the Snagit 12 capture window and then click on the 3-lines beneath the red Capture button; a Manage Profiles button will appear. As mentioned though, there is no way in Snagit 12 to revert to the large windowed application as seen in previous versions.
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Thanks for the solution. This should be in preferences, not buried in the seemingly unrelated (to me anyway) classic capture window. I spent a long time hunting for the solution in the preferences area -- never occurred to me to go to the capture window. Finally had to come here. Also, you should force me to log in BEFORE I start writing my message so I can decide if I want to go through that process (which is the most convoluted log in I have ever experienced!). I wouldn't have started this comment if I knew I'd have to go through login purgatory again.
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Thank you for the procedure on how to banish One Click.

I agree with these other users. I genuinely don't like the One Click interface. In my opinion, nearly all software that leaves items on my screen when not in use is unwelcome.

As a software design exercise for future releases, I suggest giving options like this (which represent a significant user interface change), a pop up message or screen tip: "Click here to go back to classic mode..." button.

It would have saved me (and I would guess many other users) the time to research this solution.
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A pop-up message or screen tip would have saved me too. I looked and looked all through Preferences to find a way to get rid of OneClick, and nothing. Thank you for the Screencast, but the way to turn off OneClick is SO unintuitive, I would have never found it on my own. This reminds me a lot of like the way MS designs their UIs -- they decide how I want to work, then they design the UI that way. Since they already know how I want to work, surely I'll jump up and down and rave about how cool it is. I hope this isn't just a glimpse into more of what we can look forward to from TechSmith. I'm still a fan, still an avid user, but you're not making it easy.
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In addition to a video, it would be nice if you document the solution here: click the annoying camera icon, click the "Classic Capture Window" icon at bottom center, then click "Turn off one click" on the top left.

In addition to the unintuitive location you have this setting, you should DEFINITELY add this to the main preferences panel.

I've always felt that TechSmith products had great usability - please listen to your customers in order to keep this up! Don't become like so many companies when they get big.
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I completely agree. Presenting a video as the first response is a bad idea. When I'm searching the web for answers, 99% of the time I avoid links that refer to video solutions. No matter how demonstrative videos can be, they are not as efficient as a screen shot and documented steps in text.

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