Snagit 12 is not to my liking

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Snagit 12 continues the devolution of what was once a fantastic screen capture tool. I am frustrated by the changes that upset my workflow. I don't like the dark theme. I don't like that my Snagit 11.x QuickAccess toolbar was not brought over to Snagit 12. I don't like that every time I take a screen capture I have to tell the program that I want an image or a video. I never do screen capture videos with Snagit. That is why I bought Camtasia!

I find the new version to be a degradation of a program I used to love. I am considering uninstalling it and either reinstalling 11.3 or finding another screen capture program.

Decided to test FastStone Capture as a Snagit replacement.
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Posted 6 years ago

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Alice Cura

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I totally agreee.  The red capture button just gets in the way. Now i need to create a profile so i can display a cursor in a capture? i have somehow makde the red button go away, but now it seems i need it.
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i  like Snagit 12

in Snagit 12 Editor - in editor need developed, some tune.
and capture some pages not go.

Like here.

I hope will take my ideas and questions.
Excuse my English - by google translate.
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Doug Dellit

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Dany_jim, you seem to be the sole person in the world who likes Snagit 12. All users hate it. If Techsmith were committed to killing a product then they are doing a great job.

They should remove all people responsible for Versions 11 and 12 and bring in some sensible people who should start with Version 10 and then make a modern version that is fast and slick and without unnecessary bells and whistles. Call it version 14 to separate it from the mess of 11 and 12.

Another company will bring out an alternative product soon and most users will move to it and leave Snagit behind forever.
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Righteous Isthelord

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It is beyond ironic that a company known for developing user testing tools is so incompetent in their own user testing. How could any of these consistent user complaints NOT have been discovered in solid, well planned and excused usability testing? Snagit 12 is strong evidence of incompetence at Tech Smith "user experience." We have enough poseurs in this field as it is. Fire them all - this is 101. Get a new team that focuses on the user, not their self inflated sense of expressing their creativity or seeking to be experts in innovation. 

P.S. I have used Snagit for at least ten years and have purchased multiple upgrades with enthusiasm. I told all my colleagues about how great Snagit it. Now, you lost me. What does that say?
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Honestly, I was a bit put off by the changes in the interface but now I have adapted and I really like it. I have introduced version 12 to new users in a very large institution and the ylove it. In terms of the creative look, the designers are spot on. A number of companies have gone the way of black interface, including many in the financial world. Heck, VectorVest7 looks like it was cloned from Snagit..
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Reverted to 11 last night (from 13). Much better. I struggled through 12 and 13 trying to understand why they were supposed to be improvements. I just don't need all the high end video and editing features.

I frequently snag a portion of a screen, add an arrow, a highlight or draw a box around something and paste it into an email. All that became increasingly more difficult to do with 12, then 13.

Now I'm happy again.