Snagit Feature Request - Merge DataStore (unsaved files)

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The process to "Automatically Backup and Restore the Snagit DataStore" provides a way to move the complete DataStore from one Snagit installation to another. What I would like to see is the ability to merge the unsaved captures in one DataStore into another DataStore, retaining the capture date & time information.

It is possible to do this by sequentially swapping DataStores and saving all unsaved captures, but this is very time-consuming if there are many unsaved captures.

Why do I want to do this? It has been an unhappy year in which a number of computers crashed hard enough that only file recovery was possible, so I am faced with a lot of swapping and saving. (moral - save early and often, but reality often ignores morals.)

Thanks for your consideration.
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Posted 7 years ago

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I don't think TechSmith envisioned that so many people would keep so many unsaved captures in the datastore. I'm with you. I like the concept but it needs to be more friendly. It needs the ability to merge datastores like you mention and allow it to be located where the user wants.

I'm pushing your +1 button and I hope others do the same.
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I would really like to see this feature as well since I have captures in an Acronis backup file from my old pc which I would like to merge with new pc as I found myself in need of a snapshot from the start of this year and I didn't know the date other than the tag "exchange" that I had placed on the file. Needless to say I had to stop snagit, rename the orignal snagit folder, copy the same folder from my backup file to the current "C" drive start up snagit get what I need, delete the copy folder, and rename original folder etc...
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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled
would like snagit library merge feature.

Over the last couple of years there have been various
requests for the ability to merge data stores. I would like to request this
again. I just had to restore from a backup to get missing files and unfortunately
this "corrupted" my data store. By "corrupted" I mean that
any unsaved captures taken since the backup was made are now gone.

Please arrange for a method of merging data stores either from different
computers (I have 2 laptops, a tablet, and 4 desktops) or from a backup.

Snagit is a great program and I can't believe that Techsmith's talented programmers
could not add this feature if management asked them to.

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Hi, I have the same problem. I wil merge two database form my two computers.


Please arrange for a method of merging data stores either from different computers (I have 2 laptops, a tablet, and 4 desktops) or from a backup.

Snagit is a great program and I can't believe that Techsmith's talented programmers could not add this feature if management asked them to.

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I too would like to see improvements in this area.
Last June my PC died (motherboard failure) and trying to reclaim images from the data store on the old harddrive and merge them with my new system has just been a major pain.
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Same here, that would be great!!!
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Here's a solution that worked for me. It took me a while to understand how to go around Snagit to make it do what I wanted but it worked.

I’ll describe what my scenario was and how I managed to merge the two librairies (datastore) into one.

I had OldDesktop that had 3 years worth of screen captures on it. I bought NewDesktop that had only 3 weeks worth of captures onit. It’s only after those initial 3 weeks that I realized that I would like to get access to the old screen captures from OldDesktop. TechSmith just confirmed to me that the functionality to merge two librairies (datastore) doesn’t exists in Snagit 13.

So here’s what worked for me. It seems complex but it’s not. You just have to be careful at what you do. Make sure that you backup both PCs before proceeding. So even if you mess it up you’ll be able to regain access to your screen captures.

1.       Backup old screen captures from OldDesktop

1.1.   Snagit Editor->File->Editor Preferences->Library->Backup or restore automatically stored captures->Backup

1.2.   This creates a .snagarchive file that will hold all screen captures from OldDesktop

2.       Backup new screen captures from NewDesktop

2.1.   Same procedure as above

3.       From computer NewDesktop

3.1.   Make sure that you have a snagarchive from both PCs before proceeding

3.2.   Find the location of your Snagit datastore. Go here Snagit Editor->File->Editor Preferences->Library.

3.3.   Copy the path to the library location

3.4.   Open up a Windows Explorer window to that location

3.5.   All of the .SNAG files that are there are your actual screen captures from NewDesktop

3.5.1.Make sure you know how to identify those files as you’ll need it in step 3.9.2 below.

3.5.2.In my case it was easy as all the files that started from a certain date where new and didn’t exist on OldDesktop

3.6.   Keep that window open you’ll need it later on.

3.7.   Restore your backup of OldDesktop to NewDesktop

3.7.1.This will in effect replace the single .SDF file into that folder with the one from OldDesktop (overwriting the one from NewDesktop) and add the screen capture files (.SNAG files) into that same directory. BUT it will not delete the individual screen captures files (.SNAG files) that were already there from NewDesktop.

3.8.   You should now be able to see from the Snagit Editor all of the old screen captures from OldDesktop on NewDesktop.

3.9.   ADD (merge) the screen captures from NewDesktop to the current database

3.9.1.Go back to the Windows explorer window that shows all .snag files. This folder now contains the new and the old screen captures. But the .sdf file now needs to be updated to let you browse around all screen captures.

3.9.2.Select ALL files that were originally present in Step 3.5.1 above. Make sure not to select the .sdf file. This is important.

3.9.3.Right-click on all of them and select Open              This will essentially reimport them into the current library (hence updating the single .sdf file into this directory)

3.10.                     You should now see both the old and the new screen captures into the Snagit Editor.

3.11.                     DONE

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I hope you realized you .snagarchive is just a zip file, so you could have just extracted the .snagarchive to the SnagIt DataStore not overwriting anything. Only new files will get placed there. Then you can do the OPEN to bring it in to the library. In any event, thanks for the solution!

Did you figure out a way to include .MP4 into the Library and not just .SNAG (images?)

I just experimented and if you place the .SNAG file in the DataStore folder, the Library view correctly categorizes the media. If you open the .SNAG file outside it doesn't seem to get added to the Library.
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I did the same thing as above essentially merging 3 appdatas for 3 users, after upgrading to windows 10. One thing to consider is taking the one with the most meta data as the base. This way you lose the least amount of data.
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Thought I should let people know that I am still out here and still interested.  A lot happened in the last four years which took me in other directions.

To michel.plante, thanks for the detailed procedure - I haven't tried it yet, but things are always easier when you know they are possible.  Did the library data come back with the captured images?

To sunk818, thanks for the tip on .snagarchive being a zip file - I did not know that.  I just tried it amd confirmed it.  The file names are not too helpful, but it is good to know the the images are there.

Now to set aside some quiet time to experiment.  Of course, it would be nice if Techsmith provided a feature that did what we all want without the complexity...maybe in Release 14.

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PS - I should point out that Brian D. Miller and bdmiller are one and the same - just a change of email address that affected my signature.