SnagIt for Chrome requires access to all Google Drive, rather than just a folder

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It should restrict itself to a SnagIt app folder, instead of being able to read/delete ALL my files. See how Dropbox apps work as an example.
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Posted 6 years ago

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Great feedback! I'm glad to see people actually pay attention to permissions when installing apps.  I wanted to chime in and provide the reasoning behind the permissions we are currently requesting.  It might get a little technical, but I'm trying to be as transparent as possible.  

As far as we could tell from the developer documentation, Google Drive does not currently allow an application to request read/write access to only a specific folder.  At least, not in the way we would need it.  Snagit for Chrome works out of a 'TechSmith' folder that will be automatically created in your top-level Drive folder.  Your local library is synced with this folder, and new captures are written to and shared from this location.  We need the ability to read that folder and all of its contents, write items to it, and create it if it does not exist.

There are two 'authorization scopes' that seem like they would work:
  1. 'drive.appdata' : This allows an application to access the 'application data' folder.  This folder doesn't act like a normal folder.  The intended use is for applications to store data that the user shouldn't see as normal Drive files.  So, this permission would not allow us to interact with the 'TechSmith' folder.
  2. 'drive.file': This permission allows an application to access only files it has created or that have been 'explicitly opened' by the user.  This permission is almost there.  We have multiple TechSmith products that share the 'TechSmith' folder.  Whichever application gets there first will create the folder, meaning the other products would not have access to it based on this permission.  The 'opened by the user' part would require that the user browse to Google Drive after installing our application and specifically try to open their 'TechSmith' folder with our app.  That's a pretty terrible experience and probably not worth the trade-off?
Now, with all that being said, Google is currently working on better permissions to allow applications to request access to specific folders.  We will be keeping an eye on that, and as soon as there is a more restrictive set of permissions that allows us to deliver the same functionality, we will jump on it!

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Thanks Randy for the detailed response! Makes sense now. Looking forward to have this restricted. 
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Yes, this was also a big point of concern for me. I can absolutely not have any app view and manage all documents in the google drive. Had to abort installation for now.
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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled
Shouldn't ask for access to my entire Google Drive, it should ask for a more limited scope (ie: drive.file).

I'd love to try this out, but I'm not going to give it full access to my Google Drive. It would be great if it used the drive.file scope so it would only have access to files it created.
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Hi All, 

The permissions haven't changed, but I posted an explanation of access request today, which can be found here.

We're still evaluating the way we have it set up, so feel free to keep the feedback coming. I just wanted to offer up what we're doing with the permissions.

Thanks for posting,
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Remains only one option: to appoint a separate folder for each TechSmith product.
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Just gave SnagIt another quick try today, and then uninstalled.
Would you please simply drop the Google Drive thing, and allow me to save PNG locally or share on Techsmith, just like Jing does? 
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Problem with that is that anything you put of The TechSmith server which you have to pay a yearly fee for, is space/time limited.

I use to use it all the time. I found when I answered a question using link from the TechSmith Server. The link timed out after 30 days.  many times new people read my replies 6 months , year, or between 6 months and year, after posted. If after 30 days the link times out.

On Google as long as you stay within limits of the service you pay for, the links remains active permanently.  Of course, even on on Google, I periodically view and remove Video and Screenshots that are old and out of date. (Do house cleaning.) But many items remain viable up to 2-3 years, after creation.

So I would end up having to either recreate or republish a new link.

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