SnagIt option 'Shrink to Fit' may corrupt image display

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I'm seeing a situation where an image with drawing objects may display incorrectly when the 'Shrink to Fit' option is enabled.

Note: I have noticed that new versions of TechSmith products ( Camtasia, SnagIt ) often exhibit unexpected behavior on computers with multiple monitors, especially when a multi-monitor setup is configured such that the Windows Desktop is not a perfect rectangle. This issue may be dependent on such a display configuration. Historically, but only sometimes, these bugs are addressed in later revisions of new software.

For example:

  1. Ensure that 'Shrink to Fit' is enabled

  2. create a new image with Ctrl-N, and give it a size of 640 x 480 and a background color of black

  3. draw a minimum of 20 objects of varying types ( lines, rectangles, text, etc. )

  4. Edit the objects, by moving, resizing, changing text, grouping, ungrouping, aligning, etc.

  5. Stop editing, and note the look of your current image

  6. Click on a different monitor's display area to give that monitor focus, and steal focus from SnagIt

  7. Notice that the image in SnagIt now looks as it did at some point in the past

  8. Wave your mouse over portions of the image

  9. Notice that the image contents change, but are not repaired completely

  10. Click a different image in the Capture Tray

  11. Click again on your original image

  12. Notice that the original image is repaired

  13. Click on a different monitor

  14. The SnagIt image is now corrupted again

  15. Repeat as much as necessary to understand what happens when

  16. Turn off 'Shrink to Fit'

  17. THe problem goes away

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Andrew Colfelt

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  • annoyed that TechSmith considers non-rectangular multi-monitor desktops to be outliers; does anyone use just one monitor anymore ?

Posted 7 years ago

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Chris Geiersbach

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Hi Andrew. We use multiple monitors all the time for Development and QA here, so I can see how it would be frustrating if things didn't work correctly in that scenario. However, we are unable to reproduce this issue here.

-What version of Snagit are you using?
-Does the issue only occur when multiple monitors are used in a non-rectangular configuration? If so, could you let me know the specific configuration (resolutions and coordinate offsets. Maybe taking a screenshot with the display properties open would be an easy way to get that info).
-If possible could you take a video of what is happening?

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Andrew Colfelt

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SnagIt version:

In my note above, I describe other experience with TechSmith products having difficulty with non-rectangular desktops. That experience is documented here: [Incident: 120504-000025].

In that incident, you will find detailed history of my experience with this type of problem with TechSmith products, and a screenshot of the monitor configuration in my particular case.

Unfortunately, I cannot make a video of the problem, because SnagIt v11 will not record video from ( my ) non-rectangular desktop. In order to record video, I have to disable all displays except those that fit inside a perfect rectangle.

I will, however, test the issue to see if it goes away with a rectangular desktop. If the issue still persists, then I can forward a video.

Thanks for following-up, and here's hoping this gets addressed in a way that not only fixes existing software, but also prevents this issue from creeping-in, again, to future software.

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