SnagItEditor - please add 'cornered' arrows and rulers

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Would like to suggest to add 'cornered arrows' (and lines?) and rulers.
Hate to say it, but eh ..
these are available within FastStone and are indeed handy from time to time.

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Posted 3 years ago

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My needs are small in that area so I usually make my own, but that is tedious and if you do this a lot, it would be cumbersome to the point of being almost impossible

These are the kind of enhancements that make sense as it helps the program's primary purpose: make  screenshots and markup faster, better and easier
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I second this request!  Currently make my own, and it is tedious as heck!
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TechSmith recently put out some ideas for voting to reprioritize.  This thread looks like it relates to this one below.  I encourage you to vote on it there as well (idea this week by June 9th).

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This provides a very clean look. I have never crafted my own but if I had a tool that made it quick and easy, I would use it.
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One last note on the rulers:

- maybe a kind of toggle on/off ruler (fixed at top and left-side, similar to e.g. MS Word)
- a floating one - allowing to measure the dimensions before taking a screenshot



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Rulers in the editor, yes... and what I like the most in your suggestion @Mike62 is the "Toggle On/Off". My opinion concerning software development is that what has been once introduced should not disappear from one major version to the next straight away. The least is to keep the feature, remove potentially the feature from the scene and allow a switch off for customers who don't like it. Then, thanks to the anonymous usage statistics, you can monitor whether or not that feature is on the ramp down list or on the contrary back to be spotlights for an later version.

To bring more examples and explanation to why I would need rulers in the editor, simply because i tend to dislike outrageously having a capture that has a little bit of blank around the object i wanted to capture. And sometimes, not all the objects are capturable very precisely (in opposition to selecting a window, a toolbar, a frame, etc.). So we capture a larger area and then back into the editor, we want precision. Of course we can zoom but having a ruler showing where precisely our mouse pointer is at all time would be great.

So, yep, I vote up for that one too!
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This is not that important to me because I just use a Bezier curve arrow. If that can't handle all the curves, it's probably not a great way to markup.
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Yes this would save some time.
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Official Response
We probably should have broken this Idea into two for the voting process. I think we’ll need some more information on this before we make a decision one way or the other. It certainly got a lot of votes, so we don’t want to ignore it until next time. There a lot of great ideas here.

There seem to be three distinct requests here:

  • Arrows with right angles

  • Rulers to help Editor image sizing

  • Rulers to help Capture sizing

I made a quick survey to get some more clarity on this.

We’d really appreciate it if you could take the time to fill it out, please leave anything blank that you don’t care about. You can edit your response after the fact if you make a mistake. I hope you aren’t surveyed out yet! 

Here are the definitions of what the statuses mean for Ideas.
Here is the overall vote count for the rest of the Ideas in this round up.
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Hi all! Checking back in. We wanted to give this survey some time to allow everyone that voted on this issue to add some clarity as to which item mentioned in this idea was most important to them. But... we haven't gotten a lot of responses yet. People are busy, we totally understand. So here is a quick reminder. It shouldn't take more than a minute. We'll give it another week and then we'll post the results for everyone. :) Thanks again!

Here's the survey.
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There are so many links to other threads that link to other threads that I am getting lost.  Somewhere along the line, you talked about alignment guides a la Google.  But they are not mentioned here.  Why not?  That is such a cool idea in combination with rulers.

Also when you do dog-legged lines, please make sure you include an option for radiused corners (.
Believe me (as product manager for the product whence came that image) if you don't include them from the get go you will regret it because it will be the very next thing users will ask for (about 5 minutes after you release the feature), and it will be hard to find the time to go back and do it after the main event is over.

I would hazard a guess that if asked, the folks who asked for this feature showed you examples that had square corners simply because it would be practically impossible to construct them manually with rounded corners.
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Noted! :)

Here is the link to the snapping topic: (for others, I saw that you were already active in that one)