SnagItEditor v2019 -Idea ? Configure a new 'More' button?

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With (too) many added buttons and SnagItEditor in a smaller window (e.g. in case of side-by-side windows), the buttons may not always show up.

The good-old-v11 toolbar, showing I-don't know-how-many-buttons, is gone forever.

The below idea ids to have a kind of user defined pull-down menu button (similar to 'More') where users can add some of their favorite tools, thus avoiding a toolbar that is too 'crowded'.

I'd like to emphasize: it is just a rough idea and whether or not it is technically possible, or too complex, whether or not there is any support here, or just a bad idea..., I don't know.

Maybe an option for configurable but fixed side bar, similar to Photoshop, might even be better.

I just got to this a because I needed a tool that I had not configured to be in the toolbar, so I had to go into 'More'->Customize Tool to get to it.

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Posted 2 years ago

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It's not a bad Idea. I voted for it.

I never gave it any thought until this post. I work with dual monitors and don't pin so many tools to the toolbar that I run out of room.Nor do I run side by side applications on the same monitor.Never cared for the squished look.
So I don't run into this problem.

In looking around at the problem. I discovered that if you hit the More Button while the editor is squeezed together. All the missing tools on the tool bar are accessible, from the drop down menu.

What I don't like, is that you have to scroll down to get to most of them. It seems to remember where you last scrolled down to. So you might not have to re-scroll a lot, if you arrange them strategically.

My thought is that the more menu should expand in width to accommodate more than one row of tools. Because people running low resolution screens,or a lot of tools, probably won't have enough room to just expand the menu further downward. You don't need to see the image while you select a tool, so it doesn't matter if the menu is multiple rows wide.

Scrolling to get to the tools is inconvenient.

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Actually, the new Favorites feature would seem to vastly reduce the need for using the toolbar much. Have you given it a try?