Some things I'd like to see in Camtasia Studio 8 - Seen it's coming out soon.

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Some things I'd like to see in Camtasia Studio 8 - Seen it's coming out soon.

- Ability to isolate audio tracks for seperate processing.
I noticed one day while applying the "Volume Leveling" adjustment on Audio 1 track, that it effected the second and third tracks with other media on them. You really should have the abilty to apply those adjustments to seperate tracks or even better, selected clips on each audio track.

- Ability to use our own VST plugin effects to get the best sound in the end.
I enjoy working with the current audio processing that is in the program but I greatly see it's limits. Being able to use our own VST plugins such as compressors, EQs, and gates will help the more advanced users get the best sound in the end. Keeping this part optional to use, will allow basic users still be able to work with the program.

-Ability to fade in and out video at beginning and end.
I have found that you can do this fade between clips using transitions but the program won't allow this to be done with one single piece of media on the timeline and it would be nice to be able to fade in and out of sources.
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Just a few ideas to help you out:

There is a workflow in Camtasia Studio 7 for applying audio adjustments to a single clip. It's a little counter-intuitive, but the trick is to lock the other tracks. Then the audio edits won't affect them. It's a workflow we hope to improve with the next version.

For the fade at the beginning and end, the popular trick at the moment is to put an empty title clip with a black background next to the clip you want fade, and do a fade transition between the two. Granted, our transitions are static (the video stops playing during the transition). But, if your video started/ended on static content, then that solution should work for you.

Also, I love the idea of using VST plugins. I might migrate that idea to its own topic so we can track it separately. At the moment, it isn't a feature we have on our backlog. But, if we can get a lot of support around the idea here, then it's more likely to be pursued. It's something I would personally like to see, since I do audio production in my spare time :-).


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