Grab Text only supports English and German characters

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Thank you verymuch for letting me try Snagit.

The screencapturing feature and the editor works very, very well and intuitively.

However, whatprompted me to try Snagit was the Grab Text feature which truly goes beyondordinary screen capture. This feature also works well as long as the text is inEnglish. But it performs poor with most of the European languages because ofthe special letters. For instance, the special Scandinavian letters æøå and theaccent- and ligature-letters in French (à â ç é è ê ë î ï ô ù û ü ÿ æ œ) arenot reproduced correctly by the Grab Text feature.

My suggestionis, that you use the language resources from the operative system (Windows) tohandle the text recognition and the spell checking. The customers would havemore correct text recognition and you would not have to bother with 27different languages’ special letters as Microsoft already did that when they createdWindows’ language resources.


EJ, Denmark
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Posted 2 years ago

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And Elin don't forget our swedish, åÅ, äÄ öÖ.
Like your idea.

Rolf, Sverige
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Thanks for this feedback.

We currently only support German and English. Other Western-type languages should be somewhat functional, which is what it sounds like you're experiencing.

We could support more languages if there is enough requests/feedback like this.

Thanks again,
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This is 2017. Accented Latin characters not recognized, or poorly recognized ???

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Sorry, I realized that my initial message didn't really address the underlying suggestion of using resources built into Microsoft Windows.

There was a lot of research, testing and tweaking done in our OCR implementation, which is licensed from a third-party. We also have to consider what we can do on older versions of Windows and on macOS.

I understand your request, but as it stands there are additional costs to us to add support for more languages. Some of those costs are easy to define like licensing and others are a bit more challenging, like being able to adequately test all of these languages.

But if we get a lot of requests like these it helps us identify where we should be making investments.

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One of the reasons why I bought this version was grab text function - it's great, and I use it often. But the many post-work is very annoying and time-consuming because of the lack of hungarian characters: öÖüÜőŐúÚűŰáÁéÉíÍ. Please...
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I second this. Here's a sample text in Danish: 

Niels Fanøe siger:
Blåbærgrød er godt for dig.

This is OCR'd as:

Niels Fanoe siger:
Blab*rgr0d er gcdt for dig.

You are saying it's a third-party tool. Well, pass the buck to them.
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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Grab Text for Chinese.

Add the feature Grab Text for Chinese, it would very helpful for Chinese users!
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Please add the spanish characters Ññ áéíóú äëïöü and the symbols ¿¡ (Inverted question and exclamation marks) 

Thank you
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Please add Russian character recognition
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Abby Fine Reader ORC works better then Abby ORC for SnagIt.

It's also a $199 dollar program.So it should.
It handles lots of languages. Just look at the menu.

It's nearly flawless with most ORC recognition. I can place text items that Abby for SnagIt fails miserably at.
But this should be expected really.SnagIt is $50, a screen capture device with annotation and all that extra stuff.
Heres SnagIt attempting to convert a lot of small text.To be fair, its a weak point of the program.

Heres Abby Reader converting the same image.

I'm afraid this is a case of you get what you paid for. It's not perfect, theres an I in front of "Video Files" near the bottom left.Might be more?

I hope more languages can be added to SnagIt for all of you.
However, if your serious about ORC and truly need it. There's a huge difference between SnagIt and whats available out there.

That's my motivation in posting this. I really like Abby fine reader.I have version 12.

I'm sure the newest version 14, is even better.