Speeding up the video speed without effecting audio pitch

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What would be just awesome,.. if you could speed up the video and the pitch of the audio wouldn't change.
Just like in the VLC player,.. you can make the clip go faster,.. the sound (voice) is of course faster too,... but the pitch of the audio does not change.
This is great for watching tutorial videos,.. most of the times they are too boring to watch at 100% speed.
If Camtasia Studio would offer that we could speed up what we have recorded (just like it is now) only without it effecting audio pitch,... well that would just be a phenomenal feature and you would have a much better product.

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Posted 8 years ago

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Kristen F

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Has this been implemented for Camtasia Studio yet? I see above that it has for the Mac version.

When you are editing a clip with audio on the timeline, and change the clip speed, we really do need the option to adjust clip speed without affecting the pitch. It is not a useable feature when used with any audio clips unless you want your voiceover to sound like a chipmunk or a 500 pound gorilla.

I understand that I can alter the clip speed in another 3rd party program, but I really shouldn't have to. This should be a checkbox within Camtasia properties, or something within the preferences where you can enable or disable pitch change with clip speed adjustment.

Please add this feature!

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Why does this not exist for PC? This would be extremely useful for numerous reasons.
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No kidding, please add this feature to the PC version already!!!
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I too am distressed this feature has not been added to Camtasia for PC.  Due to many edits to videos being improved for many years, I cannot use Audacity for this.  I need it in Camtasia.  Since the Audacity code is open source, one would think it could be added to Camtasia.  Can some one from Techsmith speak to whether or not it is being planned for any release?
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I need this feature for PC ASAP!

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It's absurd that this feature is not yet available in Camtasia, despite this thread starting 7 years ago and this feature  being available in Camtasia for Mac. Considering the costs of Camtasia upgrades, the lack of this feature is seriously causing me to consider other video editing software.