SRT File Import Results in Glued Captions

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Hello. When I import an SRT file into Camtasia 9, the captions are imported all glued together. I would like them to be separate captions (with space in between). I leave 5 seconds of space between each caption in my SRT file. The SRT file that I import is a text file. A sample is shown below.Thanks for the help.

00:00:10,000 --> 00:00:15,000
Caption 1

00:00:20,000 --> 00:00:25,000
Caption 2

00:00:30,000 --> 00:00:35,000
Caption 3

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Posted 2 years ago

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what you experience is by design

if you want spaces, after the SRT import, split the captions and delete slices to make spaces between the captions [usually deleting the blank captions]

if you add non-contiguous captions in a project, so that they go on as separate items [use shift-C to add the captions], you can then group all the captions to something like a callout, put the group in Library, and when you bring down the group again from Library, the captions will still be separate items; you can always export the Library asset as a libzip to keep the captions external to Camtasia

FYI, lots of captions can put a real drag on editor performance; my preference is to add captions as the last step in building out a project
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I'm not sure how your creating your srt files but this topic made me curious.

I added 5 captions to a Camtasia project spaced 1 min apart as shown below. I exported them as a srt from Camtasia.

Then I deleted the originals and imported the srt. Camtasia inserted "Blank Captions" between every caption to keep them spaced apart.

I don't know it that's a practical solution for you or not?Inserting blank captions in the program you are creating them in.
Splitting and shuffling them around in Camtasia seems like a lot of work.

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As much as I love Camtasia, I never begin captioning until after I render my video. Camtasia’s captioning features are just too clunky. For an efficient captioning workflow, I’d suggest using either Subtitle Edit (free ) for PC or MovieCaptioner (reasonable) for PC and Mac.
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just curious ... how do you get the captions [closed?] into an already produced video?  do you just produce the MP4 and then package the MP4 with captions in a playable wrapper?  not using the TechSmith SmartPlayer?

I've only used the Camtasia captions UI, so not an expert
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Here’s how I read the question,

the video seems to be edited. Why? Because the captions are timed separately to where they appear on the timeline.

Richard is using a program to create his captions outside of Camtasia.

He’s importing them into Camtasia, however all the captions run together and are not placed where they belong on the timeline.

As I stated above, when you export captions from Camtasia. Camtasia automatically places blank captions between existing ones upon export. That way when you reimport them,proper placement is respected.

So it seems to me, if you were to place a blank caption between the ones you create in the other program. That would solve the problem.

susannemistric, do you have to insert blank captions in the programs you have use? Or when you import them do they get placed on the timeline correctly?

Regards, Joe

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Great, this works! Select the caption in the upper-left menu and then select split.  I see the advantage to importing the captions all glued together. It makes them easier to slide across the video. It's a pain sliding individual captions. Also, I agree that importing the captions is better done as a last step.

 BTW I have an Eddyline Sky 10 Kayak - love it.

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always glad to meet a fellow paddler

I live on a tributary of the Chesapeake Bay, so a lot of open water with wind, and often decent sized waves; I use a Current Designs 18" Solstice GT Titan; it easily handles rough conditions, but it's size and length make it challenging to paddle up in salt marshes

I've used Camtasia to document my local paddling experiences; if curious and/or interested in what it's like kayaking around here [where do you paddle?], you're welcome to check out my kayaking video collection ... 

St Leonards Creek