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I see this was requested 2 years ago but is still not in the poduct.

I confirm what the others said. it is very time consuming scrolling through all the quick stamps to find what you want.  It needs a search function please.


Paul Barrett
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Posted 2 years ago

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Rick Grunwald

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It needs a total rework. The little search tool doesn't allow you to either select a stam not drag and drop it
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I agree with this
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Yes and yes....please include a search for stamps...Thank you.
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Joe Morgan

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I think the request for a better stamp search function,  goes back several years.

The problem from my stand point is this. How would you create it,  and how exactly do you make this search engine intuitive for all to use?

How do you go about  properly naming and categorize 100's or 1,000's of Stamps so they can be easily found?

 "Have you ever seen the Super Stamps Collection That's sold by Peter Gillberg"
I myself,   would never dig through a collection of stamps that large on a regular basis.

Certainly Arrows, Squares and Circles are easy to categorize.Emojis and several other things as well.

At some point,a stamp collection can become very large and there can be virtually anything in it.  Elliptical gradients, Numbered rectangles, Colored circles, etc. and so forth, and so on, and so forth until YOUR HEAD EXPLODES.
Like I said before, how do you name and categorize all these things so it's less confusing to sort through as the system we already have???

That's the million dollar question. Got any Ideas????

I would like to see a less confusing Stamps Search engine as well.
I just have no Idea what that would actually look like. Or how it would work.

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Microsoft manage it for their clipart collection in Office.  They key to successful keywording is simplicity.  

  • Every  shape has a name - square rectangle,circle, arrow, star.  
  • Every image has a subject - mouse, keyboard, house, mansion castle, road, sign, callout, text box. currency
  • And they have qualifiers such a left or right, or colour.  
  • And every object has a title
It wouldn't be hard to develop a set of keyword categories that apply to SnagIt specific assets and apply then to the library.  It's a one off task for the existing library and a reasonable thing to ask anyone who creates new assets to tag them as they go especially if they want to sell them.

I suspect that most of us who use SnagIt on a regular basis have computers powerful enough to index the stamp collection.

To be clear - the onus is on the originator to provide the tags and for TechSmith to source the necessary search and indexing components..  For us users, there's a single search box that uses a fuzzy search algorithm and partial matches on the tags with predictive completion that will help guide people past the intricacies of alternate spellings such as 'color' and 'colour.'

If a user doesn't get an exact match on their first search they can do what we all do on a search engine every day - modify the search phrase for a better hit.  However long it takes to return a result it will still be faster than ploughing through the catalog manually.  But if all attempts fail, there's nothing to stop a user doing exactly that.

How's that for starters? I'm sure others will pitch in with other ideas.

- Paul
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Joe Morgan

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Sounds like more than a start.
I never used this feature in OFFICE before.I see that Microsoft dropped clip art management and it's all handled through Bing now.
But I see how they keep things organized. Looks like a pretty well thought out system to me.

To be honest, I pretty much never use stamps and probably never will.

 I thought this thread was interesting and the topic worth exploring.


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Rick Grunwald

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The problem with it is that it is so bare bones as to be almost a bump on a log afterthought
Keywords would be great but one should at the very LEAST be able to double click / drag and drop / copy and paste from that module to the current document.
Currently I open the folder in Windows explorer and set it to large icons  - but there is no keywording other than file names
Joe Morgan made good points about possible huge amounts of icons. But should not a program that FEATURES callouts and added graphics also offer some way of managing them - some way that works that is.
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Just bought Superstamps V5 AND STILL NO SEARCH Ugh!
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Rick Grunwald

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He provides stamps and is probably tearing his heir out at the devolving stamps feature.
You can open a windows explorer window then drag or copy them to your document but then they are in the library and subject to accidental deletion.
2) Make a document and add your favorites to it then just copy from the document and past them into your current working document.
Yes it is a poor work aroun
Yes it sucks
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Debra M. Fezza Reed

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Perhaps in the quick styles, someone could add a text search button for the default stamp library ?
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Rick Grunwald

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The entire Stamps feature needs some rebuilding
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Rick Grunwald

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Debra, the problem is there are no keywords to search for. Perhaps if they develop it, we could add our own and eventually perhaps they could provide a search list for their stamps
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badly need a search feature. Search by keywords or category.

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