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If I can't add custom stamps to SnagIt 2 for Mac, is there a way to get number stamps that are larger numbers? Can I alter numbers in the number stamps, for example to get values that are larger than 20? I have files that I used to create number stamps for SnagIt 10 for Windows that are used in many of the instructional documents I create. I'd like to be able to utilize those in SnagIt 2 for Mac (as well as SnagIt 11 for Windows). I have the vector files for these stamps as well as the PNG files, but am unclear if there is a way in the new mac version to utilize them. Thanks!
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Hi Beth,

Snagit for Mac 2.0 finally has the ability to add custom stamps. Here is a screenshot of where you can find this option: You can import an entire folder of images. These can be PDFs if you have vector graphics stored as PDFs, you can also import common image formats as well (PNG, JPG).

I hope this helps out, have a wonderful day!

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Hi Jason,

Thanks for your reply. I've been able to play with this now and I have a few other questions about how this is working. I got some interesting results when importing some images I had previously used in SnagIt 10 as stamps.

In SnagIt v2 for Mac: Any file that I import as a stamp that has a resolution greater than 72dpi creates a stamp that is reduced in size from the original file. The reduction in size is by the factor of the original resolution divided by 72. Example, my 100px x 100px @ 300dpi original became a stamp that is 24px x 24px @ 72dpi.

In SnagIt v11 for Win: Any file that I add to the My Stamps area creates a stamp that is the same size as the original file, but the stamp's resolution is 96dpi regardless of the original file's resolution. So, if the original file's resolution was less than 96dpi, the resulting stamp may look fuzzy.

1. Should the resolutions used in SnagIt v2 and SnagIt v11 for stamps be different? Is there a setting that will affect this?
2. Should the way in which the two different versions of SnagIt is processing the incoming stamp files be different?
3. In SnagIt v2, is it possible to organize the stamps that I'm importing into separate folders? Or to import the folder of images, retaining that structure? The import option would not let me continue from the folder level; I had to select files.

Thanks in advance for your help!
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Hey Beth,

You have asked some really good questions, and I have had to do some searching to refresh myself and figure it out.

Firstly, DPI (dots per inch) is a print dimension used for deciding how many dots a printer will print in an inch. DPI gets pretty confusing when used on computers, since monitors will only show a certain amount of pixels per inch.

To answer your first question, the resolution should be different on Windows and Mac for stamps. Windows OS default DPI setting is 96 and on Mac OS it is 72 DPI. Thus any capture you will take will always have a resolution matching the operating system's DPI setting. There is a setting on the Windows side that you can change to affect this but I will talk about that later.

Let me explain how DPI and PPI (pixels per inch) relate to each other and that should help explain what is going on. In your example you had a 100px x 100px @ 300dpi image and you brought that into Snagit for Mac and it made it a 24px x 24px @ 72dpi. Why it did this is based on inches. A 100px x 100px @ 300dpi image would be 0.3 inches. The same goes for a 24px x 24px @ 72dpi. Since computer monitors display in pixels, you get the smaller 24px image on screen. The great part about Snagit for Mac is that it stores all the data and allows you to resize the image. So while it will bring in the image at 24px, Snagit will allow you to resize the image up to the original 100px without the image looking fuzzy or distorting the image.

On Snagit for Windows, I am not sure why you are getting a fuzzy image when you import a high resolution image. At least when I did it, Snagit made a nice looking image at the same 100px x 100px size but with 96 dpi. Snagit for Windows will not allow you to resize the image without distorting the image. Although, you do get many resize image controls here:

To answer your last question, Snagit retains the file structure that you import. So if you set it up the way you want in Finder then import the folder(s) it will appear that way in Snagit for Mac.

Please let me know if you have any other questions and I would love to answer them.

Have a great day,

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How the hell can I download or purchase Mac Stamps that have letters. I downloaded the windows Letters stamp set but they do not appear in SnagIt and I do not see the option to download mac letter stamps.

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Getting more stamps for MAC.
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Hi I also wanted to take this opportunity to point out some additional Snagit Stamps resources that also work for Mac. (Please note: some of these resources are not free)

SuperStamps v3, a wide collection of stamps (1,300+ stamps):

NEW! SuperStamps Business (Stamps focused on business use, reports, powerpoints etc.):

NEW! SuperStamps Ads 3D (Marketing and sales related 3d stamps):

SuperStamps Monsters (Create emoticons, have fun with photos etc):

Collection of all free Snagit Stamps:

Free Snagit Stamps on Callouts:

Professional collection of Stamps, Backgrounds and other graphics on Callouts:


Example from SuperStamps v3

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