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Empower users to create fast, efficient step-by-step guides. These can be useful for on-boarding, support materials, and answering user questions. This is especially important given the continual pressure to create more content or update existing content with ever-changing apps and websites.

There are some great mockups that the community has put together. Basically, a way to combine multiple images and title, markup, and explain the each image with some text. The output could be an image, PDF, or HTML.
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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Great opportunity - innovative step-by-step features for tech writers.

I saw the Snagit 2018 video today when it popped up. Great stuff! You inspired me to offer these ideas for breaking new ground.
Why:  Empower tech writers and tech support agents to create fast, efficient step-by-step guides for both onboarding and answering user questions. There is so much pressure on productivity. We're hungry for tools that do the job fast. Our users are hungry for quick answers to questions that text alone or screenshots alone (even with annotations) don't deliver well.

How:  (1) The writer snaps a screenshot into the editor and selects Step-by-Step mode. Now the Editor has a Title box above the screenshot, a text box between Title and screenshot, and a text box below the screenshot.
(2) Annotate the screenshot with arrows, numbers, word balloons.
(3) Enter a Title, introduce the screenshot in the text, and explain the numbered steps below the screenshot using numbered paragraphs.
(4) After making an entry in the app's screen or popping up a dialog window. snap another screenshot into the Editor. Repeat steps (1) to (3).

What:  The result is a quick, efficient, clear step-by-step guide for the users. The Editor offers and option to export the multiple screenshots with their Titles, Text and Annotated Screenshots in PDF and in HTML format for posting on an intranet or in a web app. The author sends the users PDFs and/or links to the page containing these quick step-by-step guides.

Why not just a video? (a) Time. It takes longer to record, narrate and annotate a video. With experience, authors can snap away and, significantly, explain, organize and distribute their mini-guides. (b) These same guides can later be collected and republished in more formal technical documentation and in intranets. They are more reusable and searchable than videos.

So often we authors need a quick and really efficient tool. Users don't often need fancy TOC's, cover pages, chapter numbering and all the attributes of technical manuals all the time. Besides the apps change so fast, it becomes a big burden to update the big manuals.

TechSmith has a great opportunity to disrupt the standard approach to delivering screenshots. The traditional methods involve so many added steps, pasting into Word or inserting into tech manual software or alternating between Snagit and webpage editing. Give us a mini-environment in Editor. We can receive a question, shoot the app windows, and simply annotate, explain and send them directly to our users!
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In addition output to word as well, to be able to edit the document later on.
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Yes that's good, would remove the extra step of capturing copy to clip and then paste into word !
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We will strongly consider this for an upcoming release. This is an idea that’s been in the back of the minds of more than a few of us at TechSmith. It speaks to a problem that our two largest sets of users (technical documentation and training) encounter regularly: wanting to quickly create and send simple tutorials to others.

We will need some more feedback and ideas from you all to further refine the concept, so if you are interested in a conversation or beta opportunities, please let us know by replying to this comment.

This is a great idea and we hope to bring you an easy-to-use way of creating these step guides.

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