Stitch feature won't bind video & a png media

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Hello and thanks in advance for any help anyone can offer

I'm putting together a technical video and at one point I had to "pause" the video for the viewer to take time to explain what was going on.  I did this by taking a screen shot (ctrl+F) and inserting it after the video.  I zoom'ed in on a section of the video so I could highlight parts of the screen... Unfortunately, I have a need to keep the zoom in place for the "pause" so I can continue to explain things.

I attempted to do this by stitching the two media sources together.  Which doesn't seem possible.  I can't stitch them together and use a single zoom to work across both media sources.  When the video reaches the section of the timeline where things switch from the video to the screen shot... The image snaps back to the full screen image of the screen shot.

I tried researching this and saw something about using groups (ctrl+g) to get around this.  The two different media sources looked like they were stitched together into one segment, but when the video reached the point in the grouped media, the zoom snapped back like before.

It really seems like being about to zoom across different media sources should be a feature... or at the very least there should be a work around that's not overly clunky.  Could someone offer me any guidance on this please?

Once again... thanks in advance!
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Posted 3 years ago

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Hi there

I believe stitching is only possible within a single VIDEO clip. You cut, then are able to stitch. I don't believe it's possible to stitch dissimilar clips and it won't be possible to stitch images.

What I might consider is zooming the video, positioning the playhead on a zoomed frame, then export that single frame as an image. You then overlay that frame on the video with the image to keep things appearing to be paused. Then just fade the image out and come back to the video when you want and use the zooming to achieve the desired effect.

Cheers... Rick :)
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What you want to do is Right Click the zoomed video. Select "Copy Effects"(With the timeline indicator placed at the end of the video by the still image).

Then Right Click and "Paste Effects" into the still image (With the timeline indicator placed at the beginning of the still image on the timeline.)That should make the image match the the video exactly.

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Thanks Joe - this was very useful time saver, as I intersperse a lot of images with my videos to overcome editing issues where there is too much user mouse movement.  big help!
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thanks guys! I'll try both to see how they work.... appreciate the quick reply!