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In other applications I use there is often a keyboard shortcut that allows opening the editor to change text or other variable information.

It would be really nice if the step tool offered up a keyboard shortcut that allows this.

At the moment I'm working with nearly 300 different images that were saved from a PDF of a book. In the upper left corner of each image I am inserting a step that reflects what page this image matches in a physical book, So I'm constantly opening the image, pasting the step, editing the step value, then closing and saving the image. The problem is, right-clicking and choosing the option to change the Step value is tedious and takes too much time. Double-clicking is simpler and faster and how I've been working, but part of the time it also results in a slight change of step placement which is irritating.

Another improvement would be to have a simple function that allows incrementing the step value across many images. For example, open an image and when you paste the step, also have the value incremented when you paste. So I've opened page 100, pasted the step from the clipboard and the step auto-increments to 100 (assuming the last pasted step value was 99)

And in addition to the shortcut that allows editing the step, perhaps allow the value change via the up or down arrow keys as SnagIt now allows with changing some values in the properties panel. Or possibly upon pasting, open the editor so the value can be changed.

Cheers... Rick :)
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Posted 9 months ago

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It would also be nice to be able add steps of 1.1  or 1.2 or 1a) fo situations where you have to insert a number on an image that's already been flattened.

Also, if the image hasn't been flattened and you cand a new number 2 into say 20 steps on that image, it'd be good to get a prompt "Step 2 already exists, renumber it and later steps?"
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Our latest update for mac (2018.2.0) now allows you to edit the number on a step object by selecting it and typing. Thanks again for the suggestion!
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I am just beginning to sue Snagit, but I too would appreciate an auto-increment feature across images. So as I take separate captures from a series of websites in succession, the step feature automatically increases one step on the new capture. 

I was not aware Luke that you could edit the number. Now I know. Before I was creating 6 steps just to get to step 7 and then delete the ones I didn't need. Selecting and typing is certainly faster, but if Snagit could intelligently do it on its own, that would be great. You could in the tool properties window, do something similar to Microsoft Word numbering... start at ____  continue previous list ____ restart numbering ____. 

Another possible solution is to create the ability to set up a "project." Any captures you make go into one project (folder). Within the project Snagit auto-increments any steps. Organizing your captures into projects might be a feature that would be helpful in other cases as well. 

Thank you,