Support for VST audio plugins in Camtasia Studio

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VST support in Camtasia Studio would allow users with professional audio plugins to improve the quality of their audio. VST plugins range across a huge variety of effects and filters. For instance, a user with expensive EQ, compression, and mastering plugins could deliver professional-quality voiceovers. It also gives the user more freedom and control to do whatever they want with their screencasts.

My proposal would be that we support VST effects, but NOT VST instruments, since those are intended for music production (and Camtasia Studio is not).

If you use VST, feel free to chime in with any ideas/expectations you have. Some important things might be:

What version of VST are your plugins based on? 1.0? 2.0? 3.0?
Do you have any 64-bit VST plugins you would like to use in Camtasia Studio?
Do you need effect chaining?
Would you like an effect chain for the "Master" signal? For each track? For each clip?
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Randy Schott

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Posted 8 years ago

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I'm currently on the latest version of Camtasia Studio on the PC side and have quite a few VSTs that would be very helpful to have work in this great program including the free VST "GGate"


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hi I'm new here
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VST effects (not instruments) plugins in Camtasia would be really nice.
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Randy, it's a very good idea : (again sorry coz i'm french ... so so .. the gramary and sentences will be ugly)
For sure to have the possibility to insert a classical VST FX chain in the studio interface could be a real advantage !

in One :

32 bit & 64 bit compatibility
Side Chain Options
Automation options (Bypss, in, out)
Multi-output routing options (to use with an asio compatible multi outputs audio card)

In second :
The other really great thing that could be really impressive and usefull , could be the possibility to have multitracks & Vst & SideChains option's in the recorder interface.

So, Let's imagine a camatasia REC and Studio perfect world (in 9 .?):

About The mission : ' Producing an Ableton Live tutorial :

About The Audio sources :
1 stéréo mix return from ableton
1 mono Signal from Microphone

About The Production :
As always, i launch the record
The recorder is recording 1 stéréo track and 1 mono track simultaneously (pre named in the option box before recording)
after the record, 1 camrec file including all the audio track or 1 camrec file + 1 mono wav file + 1 stéréo file (not so bad coz they were all started together & groupable after ) are added to the new or existing project.

About The (Pre or Post) audio treatment (During the recording or after a multi audio track recording) :

Micro Chanel :
1 VST compressor is treating the signal
1 VST gate is cuting the noizes problems

Stéréo mix chanel :

1 VST compressor is inserted and treating the signal,
1VST limiter works depending of the signal entering by a side chain input.( the side chain key comme from the mic source and then when the voice speak in the micro chanel, the stereo mix signal is reduced).

Actually it's exactly what i'm doing when i'm using your soft but with external analogic equipment !

If a day those options are existing ! i promise i 'll send a Champagne bottle from france : )

By the way, guys , my Twin bro Piau nicolas invented the Feeltune Rhizome ! a very big and awesome VST stand-alone Workstation (timbaland both 4 of it, riche hawtin loves it too, or prodigy or many other lambda users ! ),
feel free to visit the web site : ..

Also i'm working on it too ; )

Again congrats 4 the 8 version !a really growing up verse : )
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This sounds great Randy.

VST support and ASIO Drivers would be phenomenal! (Even though Camtasia is a very solid product as is already ;)).

My main use of VSTs inside Camtasia would be for Sidechain compression, as I record "beat making videos", teaching others how to make beats. So while the beat goes on, I'd like to lower the volume of the beat while I talk.

I would also use a gate to quiet the background noise (computer fan etc.).

The plugins I am using at the moment are FabFilter plugins.

My guess would be.. 32-bit would be sufficient, as this is not really "Audio production", but just more for audio clean up and to achieve more professional results!

Camtasia has been an awesome addition to what I do.

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Yes, agree completely to Randy's statement above:
"My proposal would be that we support VST effects, but NOT VST instruments".
I would say for the first implementation 64bit is still not priority as many first just one to reuse there vst effects from music production software, .. in the meantime it has become usual for Video processing software to have 1-2 vst slots for audio effect processing, see for example here:

Thanks and.. Camtasia Studio is really an exiting software, I like it very much.

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This would be awesome. I have a combination of 32 bit and 64 bit plugins. Of particular value is RX4, but I also use a gate, EQ, a leveling amp and some more so being able to specify the chain order is essential.  I know I will probably keep doing my post audio in a DAW but I know a lot of other users of Camtasia that don't want the learning curve and perceived hassle of using an outside process for audio post production and they have expressed the desire that Camtasia would support VST plug-ins.
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Hoping to see support for VST plugins added in Camtasia 2019.  I currently have a compressor and a plugin to remove background noise from my voiceovers.  Having to export audio to another program to use them and then import it back into Camtasia wastes so much time.