OneDrive (formerly Skydrive) Integration for Snagit

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Greetings TechSmith!
I've long been a (paid) SnagIt user and am very pleased with the product. However, recently I've come to realize there is a large shortcoming of the SnagIt product that I think would be a great feature to add.
With so many people using syncing tools like Microsoft SkyDrive and Google Drive, it would really be great if there were a way to sync our SnagIt capture libraries across multiple systems using one of these tools.
I've looked into this ability but it appears that the way the SnagIt database is designed, even if you sync the database itself across systems, unless you manually import it each and every time, other systems are not aware of new screenshots as they're taken.
If you could find a way to do this before any of your competition does (I haven't found any others that do this either) I think you'd find a fair return on your investment.
Thanks again for the great product.

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Ability to Sync between Computers.

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Add Microsoft Sky Drive compatibility.

I would love for Snagit Mac (and for PC for That Matter) have the ability to upload screen shots /movies to Microsoft SkyDrive.

I answer questions on Microsoft Answers Forum for Office Mac (excel and word) I find I can give answers that have more effect, and impact than trying to type.

I have another screen grab utility that takes screen shot and I can open SkyDrive and drag and drop. But it not as full featured at Snagit Mac. and the screenshots are more primitive I would rather use Snagit.

I would like the ability to upload to SkyDrive.
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Thank you for supporting a multi-platform world.  Could you please add SkyDrive support?
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+1 to this request. I'm disturbed by the explicit endorsement of Google Drive and the complete lack of any commitment to other sync/share platforms. I know a lot of professionals who, like me,  use SnagIt in environments with SharePoint, SkyDrive Pro, and SkyDrive. Google Drive is useless in those environments. Please add a sync solution for us, and publicly commit to a multi-platform environment.
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This is a feature that's under consideration. Please note that our integration with Google Drive is fairly new; as it was only rolled out in November 2013. Integrations such as these take time and resources to implement correctly. We are still measuring data and usage from the recent Google Drive integration and it's value to our customers. I understand people's desire to have Skydrive integration ASAP :-) Please keep +1ing this thread!

Yes, we have explicitly endorsed Google Drive because that's a new feature that we're proud to tout. You can bet that a Skydrive integration would have the same marketing/branding push behind it.

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OneDrive (formerly SkyDrive) is great. It's accessible cross-platform and you can limit or open access as you like. I used to use Google Drive, but OneDrive suits my personal and business needs much better.
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Another vote for SkyDrive. I use SnagIt for business, and I imagine many others do as well. My guess is that many business users may end up using Microsoft products because of the tight integration and compatibility with other business software that was built to run on Windows.