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Hi TechSmith,

I do hope that you will get this and that you will thoughtfully consider it.

I love your Snagit, Camtasia products and have used them for several years.

I do want to severely complain to you in this post though.

I would like to complain about your lack of innovation.
There are products that are similar to your. From browser extensions to other desktop products.
There are affiliate marketing companies / Marketers that are selling video products, appsumo, and other new comers in the market. 
Many of these companies are offering all the standard media sizes for youtube, instagram, facebook, tiktok, etc... you pick your starter dimensions. They offer integrated copyright free media file searches, and really the list goes on and on.

Are you not paying attention to your competitors out there? Are you not looking and modeling the features they are offering?

I'm just a bit confused I guess about your roadmap? I realize you cannot be a product that does everything, but I do think you might benefit from looking at what screenpresso, relaythat, youzign, filmora, and other products are offering.

I don't want to write out a huge list of example of features, just look at the products and I hope you get some creation ideas. I also hope you will make your software more modern with the time and get all the social media, print of demand, or other dimensions added as templates, because I am having to buy other products to get jobs done that I think Snagit and Camtasia could handle but it is too cumbersome to do at this time. And when a software program that cost @29.00-49.00 dollars is doing something your product can't then I think there is a problem with your product, innovation or you are way over-charging for your product.

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Posted 2 weeks ago

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Hi there

First, note that I'm a user same as you. I'm not TechSmith.

But I think your post might have a better chance of being taken seriously if you were to outline some pain points.

For example, you mentioned Appsumo, screenpresso, relaythat, youzign, and filmora. But you didn't specify exactly what it is about these products that the TechSmith products aren't capable of doing that you wish they were.

I note that you mention "Standard Media Sizes". But it isn't clear what your goal is. Are you wanting something where you begin from scratch? So you know you want something for perhaps facebook, and a certain dimension is required?

Note that both SnagIt as well as Camtasia offer lots of different preset things and abilities to size as you wish. So it's unclear exactly what may be missing. Perhaps you wish to see a drop-down selector somewhere that specifies these things? 

You might consider making a few targeted points. For example, something like this:

I WANTED to use SnagIt to do (insert thing here) but found I wasn't able to. So I had to purchase  (insert product here) because it totally did what I wanted where SnagIt failed me.

Rinse and repeat for Camtasia too.

Cheers... Rick :)