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For over a decade, TechSmith has continued to provide Jing as a free screen capture and screen recording tool. Jing still proves to be of significant value to our customers based on the positive ratings and high number of downloads.

With Adobe’s plans to retire Flash at the end of 2020, Jing’s current video format .swf will no longer be supported by web browsers.

As a result, we have evaluated the future of Jing and have decided to build a new modernized replacement tool.

We remain committed to offering a free solution because we are passionate about making it easy for anyone to teach, train, and explain concepts visually with images and video.

To achieve this, we have decided to build a new recorder rather than update Jing. Building a new tool will allow us to update the code structure of our free recording tool and offer modernized enhancements including a new approach to the UI that better mirrors the recording functionality of our other flagship screen capture products, Snagit and Camtasia.

Our goal is to roll out this new recorder in phases, with updated video functionality being prioritized and available first in order to provide users with an improved screen recording experience well in advance of the Flash retirement.

Future phases of this new recorder will include image capture and annotation functionality.

Jing users will get email updates on progress via the email address they used when setting up their TechSmith account, and we will continue to post additional information here as well throughout the year. So keep checking this forum for progress updates.

-Team TechSmith
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I never knew the product existed.  Why don't you just have a "Snagit Free" version to consolidate and provide an upgrade path to the paid version?
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Jing's biggest selling point has been ease of use and the number of clicks to get stuff grabbed and shared. I am a SnagIt customer and still prefer the Jing UX for most of what I do.
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In my view, if you updated Jing with just mp4 output format (and corresponding Screencast support) + restored FTP upload functionality and zero change to the UI/UX, I'd gladly pay a small fee for it. The UI (in my view again) is just about optimal.
My typical case is requesting support to a helpdesk : capture the screen area with the error message, highlight it with an arrow, upload and share it, paste link in chat window, all in 5 clicks (+ ctrl-V), unbeatable...
Keep on the good work !
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I would do this: "if you updated Jing with just mp4 output format (and corresponding Screencast support) + restored FTP upload functionality and zero change to the UI/UX." No fee though.
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completely agree. the UI for snagit, camtasia, screen recorder etc is way too many clicks. Jing was the best UI/UX out of all of them. TechSmith, for the love of god please listen to your customers! Fix Jing. Right now it doesn't work on MacOS Catalina, and the new software isn't ready yet, so right now I'm just SOL! :( very disappointed.
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Same. Jing was just awesome for quick screenshnots with a quick and easy markup. I found it almost necessary for my job in support. I hate not having it.
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Like other people here I love Jing because of the easy of use. I don't use it for video capture so just screen grabs. 
Features I love:
- being able to draw arrows and boxes with text is so simple
- the no bs copy-to-clipboard (Capture Image > Copy)
- keeping a history of previous screen grabs 
- PrtScn button to start the screen grab
The one reason I've tended to use it less is because it crashes more often than not in a multi-monitor environment. Wish there was a fix for this one problem and I'd gladly keep using the current version.
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Jing used to be the best screenshot tool for me. Please get it back on wheels. I'm ready to donate.
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I love Jing--so easy, so intuitive, please make the replacement as easy and lovely
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I just want the ability to take a picture and size it.  I loved Jing!!!   I don't need the video.  Is there another app that does this??  I used Jing ALL THE TIME!!! It was so simple and easy.  Why make things more complicated?  
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I tried Snagit after first seeing the announcement... and honestly, it was pretty intrusive compared to Jing's sun. 

I already maximize my screenspace across two monitors and wish for more, it was really a lovely experience to be able to leave that tiny, golden, semi-opaque circle sitting unobtrusively on the top of my screen, so I could spontaneously grab work-in-progress screenshots of whatever software I was working in at the time.  My software typically consists of many different windows and buttons, with me keeping my eyes on multiple areas at once (I work in 3D modeling), so having a low-profile, constantly-on-hand capture tool was a real godsend.  It helped me through college for the same reason, and saved my bacon with more than one professor that I had these impulsively-taken screen captures to refer back to.  Any time I was sure one of my apps was about to crash, I could instantly grab the whole screen right before it vanished.

If I have to have a large box on my screen with bold red, black, and blue, like Snagit, I'm just not going to use the software.  I can't evaluate the color balance in a composition, or the textures on a model, with bold primaries staring me in the face, and I need the space where that sizeable box is sitting for other things.  It's literally too big to use.  I am not trying to be a snob or a PITA, but Snagit became a huge hiccup in my workflow.  Maybe it's because of the nature of my work.  Thinking about every piece of software in my quick-access bar, they've all gone to pains over the years to make the sleekest, neutral, unobtrusive UIs so as to give us a blank canvas for our art.  Using Snagit was like throwing a protesting rooster in the middle of a quiet plaza of roosting pigeons.

My elderly mother, who started out learning tech when I was a baby but doesn't like complicated things anymore, was also able to use Jing because it was so user friendly.  Click, drag, capture, done.  It allowed me to problem-solve issues with her computer more easily because she could save error messages, and it made it easier for her to save the memes she loves to share with the family.

If you need to move video capture to another tool, then fine, but at least leave us with Jing and image capture.  Recording videos, at least for me, is typically a more deliberate process, so I'd be more willing to fuss with the extra windows.  But, for on-the-fly screen captures to update my colleagues and take process-shots for my portfolio, absolutely nothing beat Jing.  It's just that good.

Streamlined.  Low-profile.  Click, drag, done.  That it would snap to just the window I needed made it even more perfect.  I can't even begin to count the times I would snap up a screen in the second it was about to close, so I could capture the sliders, settings, fields, and dials and get back to where I was working with a lot less stress.  You could say I used it as second-tier generalized app recovery software, just because it was so responsive and easy to use.  Its lossless PNGs were perfect to capture every single detail.

I honestly wish all software was as sleek as Jing is now.  It was -- is -- the software by which other software should be judged.  It set the bar, and it set it high.

If I have to pay a monthly fee for it, then fine.  I have to pay for a zillion different services these days anyway, at least this is one I know I'll use every day.  Totally worth it.  Can I keep Jing in its current form in perpetuity if I sign up for one of those Screencast pro packages?
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I'm guessing you are unaware that SnagIt can be configured to behave pretty much like Jing, where it collapses to a small thin blue line that expands like Jing does when you mouse over it?

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Hold on, Snagit isn't responding.
Maybe if I change the affinity on my ongoing render so it uses fewer cores.
Nope, that didn't work, Snagit isn't responding even though it now has four cores to work with.
Loading it from the Taskbar isn't working either.
Ok, killed the old Snagit process and loaded it fresh again.

To answer your query:

For some reason I can't seem to get Snagit to actually take a capture now, possibly because my free trial should have expired.  I'm not getting a prompt to tell me that, though.  It just sits there like a brick with some things responding, some not.  I mean, I was already on the fence about purchasing Snagit because I -do- need to keep a documenting tool handy, but if it's this buggy, I'm thinkiiiiiiinnnnnng not.

It's a good thing Jing still works or, boy, I wouldn't have been able to give you visual examples at all!
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Oh, hey, guess what, I just got a popup telling me my trial was over!  I opted for the extra 15 days (that was lovely of Techsmith to offer us that) and now I get to stare at a slowly animated marquee.  I feel like I'm reliving the early web days when they had to add blinking text to every page.  There's definitely a "trying too hard" feel to it.

And, legit, not just me being sassy, the transitions from window to window are making me a little nauseous.  I'm not usually affected by visual cues that way so it's kinda weird to me.  Something about the ease-in-ease-out is off.

I think I'm just going to stick with my Jing which is safe and healthy to use.