TechSmith’s Camtasia Future Roadmap Part II

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I wanted to update our community on where we are with the next release of Camtasia. This is part two of the previous post entitled TechSmith’s Camtasia Future Roadmap:
Currently, we are still under development with the largest part of the work stemming from the new cross-platform feature parity work, project collaboration workflows, and the update of the overall design.
Beta Programs
We worked with a 3rd party vendor last year to run two large-scale betas. This year, we have been running smaller long-term and more focused betas with another larger beta being planned for sometime this summer. (There might be an opportunity for some people in this community to be involved in that. If there is, I will let you know how and when to apply.)

Many in this community have been invited into this smaller beta program to do specific testing on issues reported here in this forum.
We have a graphic and several videos we want to share with you to give you a sense of how we are progressing.
Please keep in mind the software is still very much in Beta condition. Therefore, the UI is not final, there are missing features, etc.
Comparison Between Windows and Mac UI
This comparison image shows the planned new UI of Camtasia – on both the Windows and Mac  platforms. (Click link for a larger version)

General Overview of Planned User Interface
Here is a simple video showing the new user interface. :

Community Member Created Videos
The following videos below were made by people who are active in the beta AND in this Get Satisfaction community.

1. 64 Bit  - Video by RickStone (Get Satisfaction user name)

2. Color Shift Issue – Video by Michiel Brand (Get Satisfaction user name)
3. Transitions for Camtasia on Mac – video by Jack Fruh (Get Satisfaction user name)

4. Various Features on Camtasia Windows – video by RichardCampbell (Get Satisfaction user name)
5. Callouts Overview – Video by RickStone (Get Satisfaction user name)

6. Color Adjustment - Video by Mary Vivit (Get Satisfaction user name)

7. User Interface Overview - Video by Mary Vivit (Get Satisfaction user name)

8. Voice Narration - - Video by Mary Vivit (Get Satisfaction user name)

So, When?

We still anticipate the release to be before the end of this year. However, our priority is on getting the software design and function right rather than focusing on any specific release date.

We are very appreciative of all the conversation that centered around the other update we posted and are looking forward to your thoughts, ideas, and other feedback here.

Customer Engagement

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Posted 4 years ago

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The question is, when ?
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Many fear Camtasia 9 will be software with a never ending rental price, like Adobe's CC.

Can this fear be dispelled?

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That fear can safely be dispelled!
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I hope it does not go to that either , if it does I will be looking for something else in that case.
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We have exciting news to share on Tuesday 9/20/16, please see this thread!
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Nowadays we have the following features that are very important and useful :
  1. Youtube outro to give a call to action button to the viewer so he can select other related video at the end of a video
  2. Video after effect to include at a beggining or the enf of a video.
Hope Techsmith has tought or will think about it to be more competitive.