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For basic text the text editor is, well...basically 'ok' but really lacks any serious design capability. So I have a few suggestions that would make this MUCH more useable and save producers/editors a lot of time having to either A) Create titles outside of Camtasia and import them, or B) create individual text/word/line titles so they can be adjusted for layout spacing and such.

My ordered text improvements are:
  1. Line Space - the default line spacing is pretty much useless and 99% of the time if I do end up using the text editor in Camtasia I have to create individual callouts for every word or line to get the spacing controlled. Sure, I can create one in the style and such I like and duplicate it, but then it creates several layers on a timeline and for any animation I have to apply it to each one of those individual objects instead of just one that I could adjust. So that would be my top request!
  2. Text font preview using up/down arrows or ???  - As it is, if I want to explore various fonts I can click the font selector in the Properties and I have to select the next font each time to try different ones. If you have a lot of fonts as I do for design, having the font menu jump all the way back to the top alphabetically when it open REALLY makes this a pain. I usually end up back out of Camtasia in PS to test font looks because I can easily design on font then highlight the font drop down and use the arrow key to move up and down through the different fonts and the one screen font changes so I can see how it looks. This would be AMAZINGLY HELPFUL in Camtasia!
  3. Character Kerning - I don't use it as often as line space, but kerning to expand and contract character spacing would also be super useful for Camtasia.
  4. Lastly, a simple bullet list would save time too, with the ability to use some kind of build animations. I currently use Keynote with a green or blue background that I key out for this kind of animations (well, a lot of my text animation) but if there was something in Camtasia it would save me steps.
Thanks for considering these improvements!
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  • Good but needy!

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In an older version of Camtasia I could select within the text in a callout parts of it (for example one word). Now this is not possible anymore. And this has big disadvantage as I could also change the properties of this selected part, f.e. smallert fontsize, other collor to emphasize, underline or bold.
It's a very pitty this simple things seem to be impossible now.
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JopvanderWerff, I don't understand your question. Here I'm selecting within the text in a callout, two words, changing font size and collor: