The Absolute Worst Programme I Have Ever Used

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Crashes every five minutes, never renders, and just a horrible programme over all. Do not buy this, its not worth a dime.
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Posted 4 years ago

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sorry you are having issues, but your non-specific post makes it impossible for those of us on this forum to help

please provide as much specific details about the project and your production specs as possible

I've used Camtasia for 15 years and it has always done an excellent job for me

we'd love to help, but it's really all in the details ...
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..and your computer specs
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Also...if you have 2 or more tracks with video overlapping, split the video underneath the one showing and remove the piece that's not being viewed.  This way, even though the video underneath is not visible, it is still "running" and eating up GPU resources if you don't delete that piece
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Camtasia is rock solid for me:  Don't be fooled by the "minimum specs" posted by TechSmith.  It is a rock solid program unless you have too many tracks in your timeline.  It will run on a Duo Core / 4 gig machine, but only for editing 1-3 tracks with maybe one of those tracks being video.  Recommended specs for unlimited, rock-solid track editing:  I7 Quad running 3-4ghtz.  8gig or more which means you're going to need a 64 bit OS.  Here's the big one:  a discrete video card.  Anything a gamer would use...that's the one you want.  Especially if you are using a laptop.  Any machine under $1000 combines the GPU onto the CPU chip.  This will not work for any more than a single video track edit.  I found out the hard way.  Now I use an MSI laptop with an I7 3.4 ghtz CPU.  16 gig of ram and a geForce 950 video card (chip) with it's own 2 gig of ram.  It's not the's the machine
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I love this software, it worth every penny. I have produced 145 videos lessons and they are awesome. I will continue produce hundreds more video. I produce my videos on a 2.5 GiGz, with 6 gigs of memory and on board video chip. Camtasia still produce excellent videos for me. Dumoc, I contact techsmith support on landline, they walk me through and remote to my pc so they can check to make sure things are o.k such as check video& audio for the latest driver update. Check Camtasia recorder setting...Perhaps you should give them a call. Good luck, check out hundreds of my videos produce by Camtasia at
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I get why everyone is coming to Camtasia's support but it does have bugs that cause it to crash and it's not always the machine (it IS the program).

I personally have a love/hate relationship with Camtasia.  Like other comments here I've used it to produce hundreds of video.  

I currently have the latest i7 with 32 GBs ram, GeForce 980 graphics card with 4Gb (graphics card ram), an SSD drive and a multi-TB secondary drive.  (I have tried it on many different computers with the same issue this is just the latest computer).

For what it's worth, I develop/teach software for a living so I understand having the latest drivers and all that.

I find that if you do lots of little cuts in the video it will crash.  I just build into my schedule that it's going to crash on me a couple times an hour.  I save every few minutes so that I lose as little as possible.  This is particularly true if you have a video that is over 30 minutes in length.  

The feature set of Camtasia is really excellent.  The user interface is well done.  I just wish they would eventually fix the bugs that cause all the crashes.

A few years ago I spent a significant amount of time talking to their support department to try and remedy the issues but it all came back to them suggesting I make the videos shorter and not do as many cuts.  

If you produce the video every few hours and then edit the newly produced video the crashes don't happen as often but the quality of the video degrades.

If you have been fortunate to not have the streak of Camtasia crashes I'm happy for you but just because it doesn't crash for you doesn't mean that it doesn't crash for anyone.

I would agree that the original post didn't really leave enough info to fix his problem but I definitely sympathize with the pain.

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