The Snagit Upgrader is a real PAIN

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"I loves me my Snagit..." but hey guys, the Snagit Upgrader is a real pain.

First of all, you only get to find out that there IS an available upgrade, when you are trying to USE the Snagit you already have, to try to get some work done.

If you tell it that you want the upgrade, you're gonna want to get the upgrade right away, to keep on working, right?  [Hope springs eternal...]

So you tell it you want the upgrade.  Remember, you only got to see the dialog box offering the upgrade AFTER you started running the installed (older) version of Snagit, right?  When you tell it you want to upgrade, it immediately tells you that it you CAN'T get the upgrade -- not until you shut down Snagit.

So you shut down Snagit, and that dialog box disappears -- the only thing that offered you the upgrade has DISAPPEARED. At this point, you have NO idea whether or not there is an upgrade in progress.  Even Windows Task manager shows you nothing is happening.

So you start Snagit again, and it offers the Upgrade again -- the one you can't get UNLESS you run Snagit, but also the one that you can't get IF Snagit is running.

[Sound like Kafka to you...?]

You try again, and eventually you get a Windows notification that the upgrade is running.  But it's just sitting there, doing nothing, showing no activity in Task Manager.

So you give up and try to run the previous version, so you can at least TRY to get your work done.  You click on the icon on your desktop, and when you do, you get a message saying that this only works if you have something already installed.  Oh, boy...

So you look in the C:\Program Files\Techsmith\ directory, and you spot the Snagit exe file.  You check its file date, and if you are lucky, it will be today's date, indicating that this is indeed the new version.  You double click on that file, and it runs, and you check its About Snagit menu item, and see that it is indeed the new version.

So you close that run, and try that desktop icon again.  Still busted.  You right click on the icon, and click Properties..., so you can point that icon to the newly installed file.  OOPS, you can't DO that -- the edit box in the Properties dialog for the icon... where you would tell it what file to open when this icon is clicked, is DISABLED.

[Are we having fun yet?]

You now have to delete the 2 desktop icons, and create new ones for Snagit and Snagit Editor.

So, what was supposed to be a 1-click upgrade, turns out to be, what? Maybe a DOZEN clicks, and a lot of wasted time.

It would help a lot, if you would just tell the user what is happening: what state the upgrader program is in.
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Posted 5 months ago

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Um, yeah. I don't go thru all those gyrations. You can tell if the upgrader is running if you check the up arrow at the right end of the task bar.


The upgrader has an icon that looks like the Techsmith logo, but I seem to remember it's a faded blue or some other similar color. It disappears when the update is finished - not much of a notification. Don't mess with Snagit until it's done.

I had similar problems. Wanted to see if the upgrade finished, so I clicked on Snagit's handy "Check for Updates" which hung both the updater and the check for updates. I killed the check and the updater died - failed update.

Updater doesn't take a terribly long time, and "patience is a virtue" (or something like that - Sorry!)

Still, I absolutely agree with you the updater NEEDS an ongoing, visual status so we know what the heck is going on and aren't left wondering.

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Thanks for that heads up!  It was obviously too subtle for me, so I didn't even think to check there -- I have always expected to use that up arrow and popup to COMMAND things.  I didn't expect to look there to find the STATUS of something!  =8-0)