Think about the times that you've posted an Idea or Voted for one. And it Actually Benefited You in the long run..

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I tried to keep my dissatisfaction with Camtasia's new UI to myself.

However, A member of this community with close Family Ties

Cannot stare at dark UI’s very long without getting a headache. He likes the Camtasia recorder a lot. But simply cannot use the editor. So he edits with various other programs.

Like everyone else. He waited out the months long makeover process. Expecting to get something he could use in the end.

 The Michigan State University’s Usability Accessibility Research and Consulting Study.

Consulting with outside experts to help TechSmith make an informed decision.

The only thing TechSmith delivered was “ONE Color Change”. No way to lighten the background and an assurance it won’t be offered in the foreseeable future.

 Here’s Johnny “Got Virtually Nothing” for his patience. Everyone else got that one trick pony tweak.

The timeline’s timecode is still too small to read easily. I could list other things. However, I’ve done so extensively in the past. Regarding UI improvements, complete with mockups.

For all the good it did, I should have been running it by my dog instead. At least my dog pays more attention to me.

SnagIt 12’s Dark UI was met with the same complaints and outrage by users when it was first released.

 On...13 MAY 2014.

By...26 August 2014 .... 3 months, 1 week, 6 days Later...SnagIt 12 have a Light Themed Background........

26 August, 2014: Snagit v12.2

  • Added a light theme so you can now choose the color of the Snagit Editor interface

A $50 program got more tender loving care and attention from TechSmith and a light themed background in just over 3 months.

SnagIt 12 only has 40 actual votes and 68 followers for a lighter UI listed at this time.

$200 Camtasia customers get no light UI options at all.

That’s JUST WRONG on so many levels.

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Posted 2 years ago

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It's interesting that while to date only yours truly has "voted", 5 other people followed this, probably waiting to see what if anything explodes from it.

I wasn't going to say much about the issue because:
- The increase in contrast does make life a lot easier for me. To be clear and unambiguous, I don't think it's enough for everyone, especially those with visual impairment, but personally I think I'm less likely to misread the timeline than before.
- The fonts in, for example, Premiere Pro are not the best either... but that was before I realised that Adobe left users a back door into changing them even if it's not part of the GUI.
- I think I'd even gone beyond anger about how long it took to come to the blindingly (no pun intended; OK, maybe a little pun intended) obvious conclusion that more contrast was needed and for maybe two values to be changed. One and a half years, and that's it. That's all they could deliver. A couple of configuration numbers changed. One. And. A. Half. Years. That's why Wendy's last post got up my nose so much; it's just inexcusable, as you say. It is, however, spilt milk. There's nothing that Techsmith can do to change it retrospectively.

But yes, in answer to your question, what have I voted for that's improved? 64 bit. 5, 6 years after competing products had it, but yes, it eventually turned up. The time taken to render a video has reduced from "prepare and cook a dinner" to "cook and eat a couple of hamburgers", but it's better.

It's the only thing that I can remember having voted for that was ever implemented.

- The elastic annotations look amateurish and are limited;
- The audio is woeful, and the audio points system is fiddly beyond the speaking of it;
- The inability to specify object size in pixels is incomprehensible,
- The inability to set defaults for effects is woeful;
- The fact that contracting part of a part of a track is an 8 step process is best not mentioned (split on one end, split on the other end, select, right click, set a clip speed, change the clip speed to shorten it, then select the newly created gap, then ripple delete it; so yes, 8 steps);
- The lack of relative paths in a project, well...;
- The absence of cloud storage for the library... oh, wait, that's Snagit too;
- The icons look like something out of the Fisher Price kindy collection;
- The intro clips are often eye-searing relics from the Powerpoint 97 era when nobody had heard of subtlety in colours, or transparency, or anything other than chunky blocks of not-quite-matched colours assaulting your retina;
- And don't get me started on the absence of customisable keyboard shortcuts in what is supposed to be productivity software. Just. Don't.
I could go on. And on. And on.

The point is that When C9 came out I wondered... what have they spent the last 4 years on? OK, there's 64 bit, and oh good, more intro clips, and behaviours and... Ehm...

I suspect but cannot prove that the overwhelming majority of Techsmith's coding talent is on Snagit. Yes, as you say it's a $50 program vs a $200 one but I'll bet that the sales ratio is more than 4 to 1 simply because screen capturing is something that more people need than video production is. That's why they can be bothered doing a changeable background for Snagit, but can't be bothered doing it for Camtasia.

I'm not even angry about what has happened right at the moment because... it's just become business as usual with Camtasia. In my view it can't take 4 years to create a new version and one and a half to change two numbers unless the product is massively under-resourced. And that's why whenever something like this comes up I just sigh, nod and lose a bit more faith, and know with creeping, increasing certainty that at some point I'll need to make the time to master different skills with different software.

While there will always be some who feel diametrically opposite, I doubt I'm alone in thinking this.