This software absolutely sucks

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Microsoft syndrome. Each update further complicates the use of the application. As with what was once very useful software from Microsoft (excel, work, etc.), camtasia has evolved: If it's not broken, fix it until it is. 

I don't use it all the time. When I do need it, I have a hour or more fooling around with whatever changes have been made since the last update. 

I'm looking for alternatives. 
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Posted 2 years ago

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While I'm certainly not shy about complaining when I find deficiencies or bad design in the product, I think you're being a bit harsh. If you have specific problems with it, the people here and in Tech Support will help. Just saying that something sucks and is overly complicated doesn't help you or anyone else.

There are certainly alternatives, but I think you're likely to find that they're much more complicated and more expensive. It seems to me that Camtasia is a modestly-priced product that "punches well above its weight", even with the issues it has.

That doesn't mean that it can't be made better and we're trying to influence the direction of future releases. 
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What is wrong with his comment?  Other than the heading, it's completely appropriate. 
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It royally SUCKS. I have to make a simple 1 minute commercial for pay and now I am going to lose this job because Camtasia freezes horribly ever since the upgrade. It takes 3-4 minutes just to move a clip 1 inch over. This is ridiculous. Never had these huge freezes and problems before. At this point it's not even worth it if it were free. And their customer support is of no help. And I have 32 mg of RAM and nothing else open.
If anybody has an alternative PLEASE let me know.
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Can you give some idea of the assets that you’re using and what you’re trying to do?

What you’re describing is not usual behavior for camtasia for such a short project.

Something like Adobe Premiere Pro should absolutely get you where you need to go, but to Brian’s point earlier in this thread, it’s going to be more complicated.
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I found that Camtasia 2018 didn't play well with my GPU or the media files I was using. I got it to work without glitches by converting the media files with Handbrake and by falling back to the onboard Intel GPU.

Should not have been necessary, but if you're under a time crunch, you could try either of these workarounds, or both, to get your job done.
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One thought would be to download and install 2018. Then use it to open and edit the project.

I think Kayakman has some steps for how to down convert. Hopefully he will see this post and reply with a link to one of his helpful videos.
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Okay, finally found Kayakman's video:
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I agree. This is is the most defective, piece of shit software that I have ever used in my life... and I have used a lot of crappy software before. Customer service is useless, just recommending the same shit over and over again. This whole company is just a failure. Sorry for the harsh comment, but it's the truth. And the worst part is that they expect people to pay more money for a "better" version which I'm sure is equally as bad as Camtasia 9.  I've lost entire projects on Camtasia, have spent more time working around bugs than actually editing, have had to restart the application so many times that I've lost count, and have spent an unhealthy amount of time trying to go around these issues, only resulting in more wasted time and more bugs. And no... It's not my PC because it's a beast and more than capable of running this low-end garbage you people call a software.