Thumbnail Tray - Resizing No Longer an Option

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I'm a long time SnagIt user, and use this daily to take a large number of snags, and then turn to the task at hand.  With the new version of SnagIt, I find myself having to take the additional step of going to the Library, and hunting down the image i took 30 minutes ago for a couple reasons - 

1.  You can only display the last 15 snags in the tray

2.  And even with these you have to scroll left and right as you can no longer resize the thumbnail tray to enable display of more snags.

This frankly is a step backwards in usability.  In all previous versions that I can recall, you could use preferences to decide how many 'historical' snags to keep in the tray. You could resize the tray to configure the SnagIt Editor for your use (configurable real estate).

I've reverted to an older version of SnagIt as I don't have the time to click on Library and search - and some of the 'improved' features are not as valuable to me and my time as being able to configure the editor as I have for years.  This is an extremely valuable and useful tool.  For routine use in documentation, technical writing, software troubleshooting - your users are multi-tasking, and taking a large number of snags a day.  They don't need another button press to quickly access the recent snags.  You've taken this backwards, more toward home consumer use in my opinion.
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Posted 2 years ago

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That is a regression. I too find the library almost useless. You CAN zoom in ... it is on the bottom of the window, in the center but only visible if you have at least on capture highlighted. Just click on one and it will appear. It is white on white and hard to see in the light interface.
It is not home users to whom they now cater. They have stated that snagit is for technical writers. You are not the only one left wondering


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We have talked to the guys at TECHSMITH whose products i love by the way!!  But this change for change sake with no way of keeping ole trusted friends is trying- I also have done several roll backs to capture features that just made Snagit work for me!!  HINT HINT guys  Be Careful!
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Like you folks, I love the tool - primarily because it is so useful and cost effective.  I agree they are oriented on technical writers/industry - but removing a capability like this does make you wonder...  Another one I wonder about is taking up real estate for the object property editing - vice right clicking and picking/making the change.  Another example of too many steps, and not configurable.
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I have suggested in the past, every time this issues comes up - which is often, because lots of people hate the way it currently works, that the join between recents and library could be made seamless to the user by providing < and > controls at the beginning and end of the tray that would load the earlier / later n images from the library into the tray (caching the next 15 in the process).

So far, no response from TechSmith. :(
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This would be a great way to have a larger number of items to step through.  I find going to the library to be pretty cumbersome, and every time I pick something out of the library it goes to the latest item, so it is now out it's original time based order which makes it harder to keep track of things.  Also being able to adjust the stamp size so you can have more items on screen at once would be very useful.
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I agree completely. Plus, please make the thumbnails and background darker. It's too hard to see exactly what they are. Also miss being able to hover over the thumbnail for an enlarged view.
 Unfortunately I cannot go back to the old version due to security issues with those versions, which my place of employment discovered.
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So.... Is there any way to roll back to 9, if you no longer have it installed anywhere? (Place I can go get it)
I still have they KEY, but not the program...