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A way to create thumbnails. I am creating a set of Instructional Videos about using Camtasia to create a video of rendered images of a robot that was created with a 3D drawing program. I wanted to keep each video about 5 min long and I love to talk, so there's (so far 23 videos). I sent them to my YouTube account and YouTube took them and got them ready for YouTube including offering me sample Thumbnails. In YouTube, (if you want), you can just select the YouTube created Thumbnail that appeals to you and there ya' go, YouTube video with Thumbnail. I wanted to upload these videos to my website so that people could see the actual mp4's and download the mp4 file that is the video. I never could figure out how to get Camtasia to create a Thumbnail for me. Sigh. However, if one just opens Camtasia, then opens the project that was used to create the mp4 and then asks Camtasis to run the video, then, as you watch the video play, usually a view will show up that seems cool and interesting and has the right balance of colors and implication of action. You just stop the video there, go to share in Camtasia and ask Camtasia to export that frame. I setup a folder named Camtasia-Thumbnails and if you have dual monitors, when you tell Camtasia to export that one frame and tell it to send it to that Camtasia-Thumbnails folder, you will see the thumbnail show up in the folder. I saved them as jpg's and I'll tell you why in a moment. Camtasia will add identifying information as the name of that jpg so you can figure out which project it belongs to. But if you hit the add media button for that project and then select that thumbnail jpg that you just exported you can add the jpg image that you just exported back so that it is now part of the media collection for that project which helps you not to lose track of which thumbnail goes with which video. So... now on to WordPress....

Then, in WordPress, you can upload the mp4 video that you created and upload the Thumbnail that you created for that video (WordPress likes jpg images but not so much png images, so that's why I saved the Thumbnails as jpg's even though png's look better, it just WordPress media operations do not seem to get along very well with png's). Then in Wordpress, if you want, you can add the Thumbnail (that you uploaded to WordPress media) to the mp4 video (that you uploaded to WordPress media) as the attached image for that video. Then, if you don't like the default way that WordPress displays videos (I think they're shown too big), you can do the following: On your page where you want to show off the video, hit add media and bring in the jpg Thumbnail. Then, beside that media image, hit link and use the url of the mp4 video that you uploaded as the url of that link. Then type in whatever text you want to display about the video, and (this is my preference) set the link so the video displays in a new window.

 Effect.... you see the Thumbnail and right beside it you see the link that will display that video in a new window. This gives you editorial control over how that Thumbnail image looks, how big it is, and how it behaves on the page.  Whew! I think it just looks better. I have 23 Instructional Videos so far, but I think that's just only the first half of them.

I setup a webpage that displays these videos as I outlined above.

If you want to see how it looks, here's the link: :)
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