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Hello everyone!
I trying out Camtasia 9 and so far it's wonderful. I like the new interface and the new additions. Hats off for the development team. There's one thing that I can't figure out.

In the old version you could move the playhead on the timeline frame by frame with the arrow keys. Trying the same thing in version 9 moves the object on the canvas instead. Deselecting an object before trying the arrow keys doesn't help as nothing happens in that case.

Am I missing something or has that feature been removed? Thanks in advance for your replies.

Best regards,
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Posted 3 years ago

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Those Hot Keys have been changed.

Step Backward on timeline                                           Comma                          
Step Forward on timeline                                             Period

Camtasia Hotkeys

A list of all Camtasia for Windows and Camtasia for Mac hotkeys.

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It looks like the posted link to the PDF does not work.  However, I found the PDF at this location today:
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Oh I see now! Thank you very much. :) Now I can resume. Hardcore perfectionists always get down to those frames. Hehe!
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What is the old way to move the playhead forward and backwards (v8)?
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1. Press the "Left and Right Arrow Keys" to move the playhead "One Frame" at a time.

2. Hold the left and right arrow keys to "Continuously" move the playhead.

3. Press the "Home" key to return the playhead to the beginning of the project.

4.  Press the "End" key to move the playhead to the end of the project.

5. Hold down "Shift" then you can use the left and right arrow keys to move the "Green and Red"  selection markers to make a selection.

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I'm just getting used to Camtasia 9, but it sure seems like the "old way" was a lot more logical and intuitive. And the way almost all video editors work.
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The behavior of Shift-comma and period in v9 is NOT the same as the behavior of Shift-cursor left and right in v8 and earlier.  In V8 if I nudge the playhead to the right, the end marker advances, extending the selection range.  Then, if I go a frame or two too far, I can Shift-cursor left to back up a frame or too (moving the end marker and shrinking the selection).  In the same scenario in v9, clicking the Shift-left cursor combination pops the playhead to the beginning of the selection range and moves the green marker leftward, expanding the selection size.  I HATE this changed behavior.

When choosing a range precisely, I first position the playhead and both markers at the start point.  Then, I advance the red marker to the desired endpoint.  Watching the frames carefully, when I've gone one too far, I back up the red marker one frame.  I do NOT want to adjust the green marker, as it was already perfectly positioned.

I can't figure out a way to get the old behavior in v9, and it forces me to zoom way in and use the mouse to drag the red marker left when I overshoot the precise end frame I want.  Am I missing something?