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TechSmith Community Forum Guidelines

Welcome to the TechSmith Community Forums! Here you will be surrounded by users looking to share their experiences with TechSmith products and services, to submit feature requests, or to seek user-to-user support. Though some limited user-to-user support is offered in these forums, if you are looking for official TechSmith Technical Support, please open a support ticket here. Collaborating with other users in the community can lead to exceptional outcomes where all involved learn new processes or practices surrounding TechSmith products.

These forums are monitored by TechSmith and in some cases a TechSmith developer, support agent, or community admin might hop into a conversation to provide some insight on the topic at hand or to address any issues that might arise.

To help keep these forums a safe and inviting atmosphere all to share and learn, TechSmith has implemented the following guidelines:

Be Respectful: These forums are in place to provide a friendly and open environment for users of all backgrounds and skill. Please keep all threads, responses, comments, and content free of explicit materials, profanity, ad hominem attacks, or bickering. Failure to do so will result in the removal of the offending content; continued deviations may result in the suspension of your Community Account.

Keep it clean: To maintain the inviting and educational environment, content or threads contenting nudity, graphic violence, or content that promotes illegal activity will not be tolerated; content breaking these will be subject to removal.

Educate: The goal of this community is to educate new and existing users, so staying on the topic of the original thread is key. Purposefully deviating a thread from the original topic may result in replies/comments being removed by an administrator. Be sure to use screenshots, GIFs, or videos to help explain your post or comments.

Play it Safe: Please be careful about what links you post. Any links posted should be to websites that do not contain inappropriate content or are potentially hazardous.

Do not post spam: Repeated posting of identical content should be limited. If there are multiple threads covering the same topic please reach out to a TechSmith team member so the threads can be merged. It goes without saying that off-topic spamming of unrelated or malicious content will result in the post being removed.  Repeated offenses will result in account suspension.

Private details do not belong on a public forum: Please do not post your email address, license key, or other personal details in the community forum. If you need to contact someone privately, please open a support ticket at and a TechSmith Technical Support agent will be able to assist you.

TechSmith truly appreciates the excitement its family of users have for its products and we love hearing our users. If you see inappropriate behavior or content that violates these Community Guidelines please contact Robert Risdon at

-Team TechSmith
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