Track Mattes / Camtasia 2020..... A Masking Feature and more.

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The following video is not your typical screen recording. It’s just me playing around with track mattes. The animations serve 1 purpose, demonstrate matte capabilities. {:>)

I used Photoshop to create several custom masks.

After Effects to create a 2 second explosion/video transition. Audio was processed in Audition.

Aside from that?

 From intro to outro, this is a Camtasia 2020 production. Camtasia 2019 for Windows is incapable of reproducing anything shown in the video. Well, it could play back the AE explosion. I know you Mac people have some form of masking capabilities.

There are no less than 60 embedded and animated track mattes. This experiment didn’t come together quickly or easily.

For what it’s worth..................


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Joe Morgan

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Posted 2 months ago

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Gord Isman

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That was fun and cool, Joe!
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This was super cool, Joe! Thanks for diving into what this could do. 
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Peter Gillberg

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Cool use of track mattes!
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Naomi Skarzinski

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Excellent work! I'm enjoying working with the track mattes.

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Joe Morgan

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I appreciate the kind feedback {:>)

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I was actually coming on here to see how people have been using the track matte feature. Thank you!  Would you be willing to share the project as well?
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Awesome!  Joe you have demonstrated that Camtasia 2020 is growing up, an essential tool for my tool box.  It is more "fun" to work with it than the heavy lifting offered by Premiere or Edius 9.  OK, when do your track matte tutorials begin?  8-)
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Joe Morgan

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Camtasia 2020’s has the potential to fast track “some” learning experiences.

I hate to burst your bubble. Overall, a lot of what I did in the video required some heavy lifting.

Camtasia for Mac has a Group preview mode. I don’t know if it would have helped me out or not?

Do to the nature of track mattes, how their applied and what must be done to apply multiple mattes to the same media. With animations to boot. Is tricky business.

That video was a hard fought learning experience that covers more than I can sum up in a few words.

If I were to make a tutorial, was there a particular effect in the video you were interested in?

Regards, Joe  

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Interesting; I installed 2020 after my PC rebuild last week but haven't had an opportunity to fire it up yet. Clearly I need to make some time this weekend. Thanks for that Joe.