Trouble with resolution of webcam video when doing webcam-only recording

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Hello, I am trying to make a high quality, webcam-only recording in Camtasia 9.  I understand the workaround clearly: make the recording, delete the screen track, then enlarge the webcam video to 100% of the canvas.  

The trouble is, when I do this, the quality drops--I see the window on the right (see screen shot) shows the webcam-recorded video is now enlarged 3X the original size.  It seems the webcam part of the capture is recorded as s small box on the lower left of the right of the canvas, rather than full size. When I enlarge that little window, it's like "zooming in" on that little box, instead of resizing and keeping good resolution.

My question--how do I achieve a high-quality webcam capture, that I can size to 100% of the canvas, keeping the full resolution of the webcam (e..g. 100% scale at the full size of the canvas).

Thanks a lot!

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Posted 6 months ago

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I do this quite a lot and my experience is that the webcam resolution is entirely dependent on the settings of the webcam. Even though the preview window is small, it will resize to full 1080p.
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Return your scale back to 100%.
Before starting a recording, adjust the camera frame size: Click the little down arrow to the right of the camera's green check mark, then select input tab and last select format settings then adjust the output size. My logi 920c allows up to 2304 x 1296.  Once you select a size hit the "apply" then "OK" buttons.

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Webcams are limited to a 5fps or lower when the resolution  chosen exceeds 1080p
Which looks horrible in most cases
So in reality, webcam quality is limited.

This is a restriction imposed by TechSmith.

You may want to explore other avenues.

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1280 x 720 allows for 30fps capture.
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Hey Joe, WRT the frame rate, do you know if this is a universal thing?

Here's my pondering. 

I know that the intention has never been to simply record webcam only. I believe the intention has always been to record screen activity with the webcam being secondary. And generally speaking, screen activity being recorded full screen. So I can see where the screen activity would be prioritized over webcam.

But I'm wondering if that frame rate would change at all if say, the screen recording area were configured to perhaps two pixels by two pixels.

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If I'm recording and need only the web camera's image, I generally use the software that Logitech provides for that purpose.
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I just made a test with a Logitech 615 web camera and Camtasia v8.6.

I set a really small area of the screen to record, and it looked as if I'd get some teensy recording.  Before recording, in the Recorder, I used the drop-down arrow by the Webcam to get to the Webcam options; there, I set the Format Settings to the 1280x720 output size and 30fps.

After opening the trec file in Studio, I changed the web camera stream visual properties to 100% (the camera's overlay screen was automatically set to 25%).

The audio was out of sync, however, trailing the video by 8 frames -- an easy fix (separate A from V, drag the A left 8ff).

The video quality itself is about as good as the camera gets -- not crisp the way a high-end professional or pro-sumer model video camera would look -- but as good as the webcam allows.

I have made recordings using Logitech's driver/controller with better results, however, as there is one less "filter" to muddy up the signal.