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it would be nice if you had a full tutorial for how to do anything with snaggit.
so you buy snaggit, then you get an option in the file menu, and then you can watch videos for a while demonstrating what you can do with it.

atm your tutorial system is terrible.
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Posted 2 years ago

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I take the view that if, for a relatively simple app like SnagIt, tutorials are necessary, the software has been badly designed.  That's the expectation with today's apps.

I have been a SnagIt user for going on 16 years.  Never needed a tutorial till Rel 13 brought us the UI from hell.
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I kind of like the tutorials. They are short and to the point and you can pick a selection that you need right now. Where are you finding a problem?
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they are hidden, portly sorted, and relatively inaccessible.

the tutorials they have are internally good, they just don't have enough of them.

a desireable tutorial example that would be nice would be for patches. and another for tasks.

for example they recently released 2018, and they are advertising things like smart move. searching "smart move" on the site didn't bring up the tutorial, and neither did "changes and improvements in snagit 2018".  so i was looking through the top thing with tools on it in the program, clicked on the tool bar's "more" option, then upon not seeing anything went back to the website. i searched "move" by itself and it had a tutorial on how to enable the smart move thing. but it was was a weird stylistic choice to make the sole option of a tool be whether to have it work or not.
more generally it would be nice to have they behavior of mechanics explained.

i was writing a help ticket asking for addition of a panoramic mode so i could capture strange shaped things. and also to comment about how since i bought it last month i didn't want to pay again for snagit. i searched the help feature from in the program and it crashed my browser erasing the browser data i had open in it. and it turns out there is a panoramic feature but it isn't accessible from the main program.
it turns out the white S on orange isn't the installer but is a seperate program somehow, and you don't have acess to it while in the white s on blue. and the white s on blue is the one that normally opens.

the other tutorial improvement which would be nice involves a survey i got. in the survey it asked what i wanted to use it for, and it had a list. a video demonstrating someone doing those various tasks would be nice.

the super short tutorials are fine. but it would be better if it also demonstrated workflows in other videos.

atm i use the software to take screenshots of portions of the screen. some things like how to make a guide on it illustrating steps seem self apparent, but there were a bunch more purposes people use snagit for, and it seems worthwhile to learn those usecases since i have the software.

i feel uncomfortable asking for features now because since there at least 3 windows with exclusive functionality,  idk if there is another one for yet another settings window.

for example, while writing about how a panoramic feature would be nice, i thought it might be nice to have configuration settings for how to name files. and to name them not just a time stamp but reference what program was snapped, and for browsers, perhaps part of the URL. if i click on library it doesn't just bring up window's file explorer, and has some of those aspects recorded... is there a way to configure it?

also is there an obvious way to make clicking on snagit on the taskbar bring it up into view instead of not responding? do i have to manually close/minimize every other window i have up to look at snagit?

in general it would be nice if there was a "all snagit videos" playlist, if they made videos for enabling or disabling patch changes, and if they made tutorials for getting people up to snuff to do full work flows.