Add the ability to edit mathematical equations in Camtasia

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Hello ! I am using Camtasia Studio to record math lectures. I write the lectures in onenote with a tablet and pen. But when I edit the video, I use callouts to highlight different things, or to explain more deeply some of the math. I really miss the option to write math, like fractions, superscripts, subscripts, math symbols etc. Can you please add something like LATEX-support really soon so math teachers actually can write math in your program? This is my only BIG COMPLAINT. IF you make this happen, math teachers all over the world will LOVE your program for sure. Sucks to write stuff like (-3)*1/(-2^3) .

We DONT want a math editor where you have to pick every symbol from a menu. We need the shortcuts which for example LATEX provides.
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  • happy, because I trust TechSmith will take this matter seriously and find the solution quickly.

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I use Camtasia for videos in supply chain planning. We use equations to predict and model scenarios. LATEX-support would be very helpful for this. Right now I kludge together text elements or external applications to create something I can drop in. Good idea!
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It would be great to have the ability to use a Math editor in any textfield for callouts, captions, quizzes, etc...
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I want to be able to make up math quizzes for high school level but there is no equation editor in Camtasia quizzing. The quizzing option is therefore not too useful for me.
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It will be really helpful to have the ability to create equations to use in the quizzes. I hope to see this in the first revision of v9
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Yes! This would be huge for any type of STEM video.
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I'm developing a series of instructional videos for business level math. We have built-in formative assessments with some of the questions that need the use of math symbols such as pi, x-bar, and capital sigma.  Can this be done in Camtasia 9? 
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Hi there

There is nothing I've ever seen in Camtasia that allows this. I believe it would require a third party application. For example, when you install Adobe Captivate, along with it is shipped and installed an application called "MathMagic".

Since Camtasia basically just records what appears on your screen, I believe you would use this third party application to do the math and record it as you use it.

Cheers... Rick :)
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Thanks for your response Rick, but I think this user was requesting the functionality for use in their quiz questions.

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The Camtasia quiz feature is in urgent need of improvement. In addition to math formulae like MathML, I need to be able to add images to my quizzes and then ask students to answer questions about the images that are shown within the quiz.
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have you tried using 1 question quizzes that you place immediately after displaying the images in the video?
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That won't work for me because the pedagogy needs the immediacy of seeing the image with the question.  I need something like the iSpring quizzing features.

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Well, it has been 2 years.  Did TechSmith take you seriously?