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The behavior, control and resolution of control changed between Camtasia 8 and 9. There were some changes made that were superior (not many, but some, like the ability to :select to the beginning or end of a media clip). However, the particular changes are when editing large clips. While we may work with many clips of 5 minutes or less, many of us work on movies and instructional videos that can  be multiple hours in length. So, here are some issues that impact performing such feats that have been impacted by the changes, should be changed back, and, as near as I can tell, have all positive results and no negative effects for any user:

1. On the timeline slider, as you expand and contract the timeline in the viewing window, the control expands and shrinks with it proportionately. Unfortunately, on large videos, it becomes so small it is very difficult to accurately click on. It needs to stay large enough to be easily clicked on (and on a touch screen pressed and slid).
2. The ability to make small timeline moves from the problems caused by issue one is unacceptable. When grabbing the little slider, moving it 10-15 pixels may cause the video to move forward and backward my minutes, often, when zoomed in, it cannot be moved at all without the selection moving out of scope on the screen. In Camtasia 8 there were little "jog" arrows at each end that would allow you to move the timeline slider just a few seconds at a time irrespective of the zoom level. Why were these arrows removed and why can't they be put back.
3. When trying to zoom the timeline, Camtasia 8 made one of two default decisions: 1) when clicking on the plus and minus zoom keys it looked at the selection. If there was no selection made, it centered on the play head, if there was a selection made, it used the center of the selected area as the center. It then moved the "center" to the center of the screen and expanded the are equally to both sides of the center (this was very, very useful). For some reason, in Camtasia 9 it make no discernable selection criteria. It finds the play head and expands from there. Sometimes it expands to the right, some times it expands to the left and sometimes it expands around the center equally. I have not even figured out how to count on it for certain. Now, as a workaround, I make a selection and press CTRL-SHIFT-8 and the selection centers and fills the screen area, but frequently that makes the selected area too small as I may not need the entire selection on the screen at one time, but, click on the plus or minus arrows to expand or contract the selection and it's a coin toss as to which direction the selection will move. Camtasia 8 had the idea correct, can we move back to the older logic.
4. I have suggested this before, but I can't mention it often enough, Camtasia need a "goto" command where I can just hit a key, like CTRL G and then type in 01:22:35.0 and have the playhead move to that spot.  Even better would be to ADD to that idea, not supplant it, but allow a GOTO selection, where I could type CTRL-ALT-G and type in "from: 01:22:35.0 To: 01:26:31.0" and it would "select" the area between the values, calculate it's center point then display the selection with the center point centered on the screen.

Thanks for the consideration.

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re your #4, I agree; the ability to navigate to anywhere in a project based on entering a time value is definitely needed
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Mike, I really liked your suggestion #4.  I use Adobe Premier Pro on a number of projects and that software has the feature you refer to.
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It is difficult to believe that #4 has not been implemented.  I have wanted it ever since I started using Camtasia (though, in fairness to TechSmith I never got round to nagging them)
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Remember to go to the top and vote. I did. I like your observations. Thanks